India’s Record at The Oval

india's record

India has played at the Oval number of times, and the record is really not that impressive. They have tried their best to win, but till now Indian team has been able to win only 2 test matches at the Oval, and they have lost 3 matches, out of the 14 matches they have played at the Oval. These stats are really not good to look at before the start of the finals. This certainly shows that India would need to win the WTC final to change its image on the Oval ground. 

Past performance of the Indian team at the Oval

If you look at the past performance of the Indian team at the Oval, then it is clear that they have not been the best performers. However, it is necessary to ensure that India takes a lesson from the last match. In the last match India played at the Oval, they lost by a big margin. This shows that they have a lot to prove at this ground. 

Last match India played at the Oval 

The last time India played at the Oval was against England. They went on to win the match by a margin of 157 runs in the year 2021. And lately, India has done well against Australia in the test matches. This shows that Indian team is certainly having a good amount of chances to win. Only the pitch is against them. 

Bowling stats at the Oval ground

Indian team would need to keep these stats in mind, before making the bowling strategies. 

  • Bowling average in the first innings – 26.97 (Pacers), and 50.4 (Spin). 
  • Bowling average in the second innings – 28.05 (Pacers), and 36.38 (Spin). 
  • Bowling average in the third innings – 31.13 (Pacers), and 26.69 (Spin).
  • Bowling average in the fourth innings – 33.72 (Pacers), and 26.46 (Spin). 

So, these are the stats that will help the coach and captain of India to make the strategy. To win the match, the pacers would need to take advantage of the first innings.