Fan misuses Lord’s membership, faces consequences

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James Lattimer court case


James Lattimer, 52-year-old from England was found using a dead man’s Lord’s cricket ground membership card just to get an opportunity for the best seat and cricketing experience at the ground. After a few investigations, the stadium authorities came to know about the same and have declared that the businessman could go to jail for such a scam.

His case was taken to London’s Westminster Magistrates Court, where district judge Samuel Mark Gooze was appointed to handle his case. It was there, where it was declared that his final verdict will be out at a date and will be soon having a hearing at London’s Southwark Crown Court. James Lattimer has a corporate cleaning company and was released on unconditional baillords cricket ground

Since the case would be sent at the Southwark Crown Court, Judge Mark Gooze told Lattimer, “I consider my powers are not sufficient for sentence.”

According to reports, the magistrate’s court came to know that the businessman who is situated at Green Road in Bournemouth, had put trickily pasted his picture on to a card which was possessed by an already member of the ground who is deceased now and had died long back in 2014.

The case was brought to notice in August 2019. However, he was pleaded guilty of fraud and cheating in November 2019. Apparently he had purchased a membership card on an eCommerce portal ‘eBay’ which he put to use just so he can get into an exclusive members-only area after buying a ticket to enter the ground.

After research and findings, it came into the observation that Lattimer was never a member of the ground and there was no such record of his existence as a membership holder.

The membership is valued at £1,000 followed by a 29-year waiting list