Indian Wrestler Labhanshu Sharma is all set to launch Bus Tour from Rishikesh to London

Indian Wrestler Labhanshu Sharma has planned to launch a bus journey from Rishikesh to London which will start from June 2021. They will be covering approx 21,000 km and in this process, they will be travelling 20 countries. He said that only 20 passengers will be taken in this journey and the motto behind completing this journey is to spread Indian culture everywhere else in the world.

It will be a 75-day long journey which has been named as “Incredible Bus Ride”. This journey is not a new thing for the ace wrestler as he had previously completed peace trips through 32 countries on International roads. As he along with his brother Vishal completed the road trip from India to London as a part of their world peace tour.

Our team interacted with him recently and there we got a confirmation from him that he will be launching this incredible bus journey which will spread the diversity and unity of Indian Culture all around the world. In January  2020 we were fortunate to interact with him at his hometown in Rishikesh where we discussed about his fitness regime, diet and the upcoming events for which he is preparing.

He also showed us the car in which he completed his international road journey where messages were written on his car from people belonging to different nationality taking about the good work he is doing and mentioning the great things about our beautiful country India.