ICC taking steps to identify mastermind responsible for global fixing in cricket

ICC World Test Championships


International cricket council will be soon taking huge steps to identify mastermind responsible for people who are responsible for fixing globally in the gentlemen’s game.

As per the latest media reports, ICC will be publicly announcing the name of the fixers and their anti corruption unit will be taking help of cryptocurrencies, burner phones, and messaging apps that auto-delete in their attempt to earn money by maligning the game of cricket.

According to ICC Anti Corruption unit that most cases related to fixing is associated with 10 to 12 person who have their base in India.

Alex Marshall who is serving as the post of general manager of ICC ACU said that they are on the verge of exposing the mastermind name soon who malign the game of cricket to a great extent.

“Most of these jobs will be started by 10 or 12 corruptors we know very well. Even though at the start of an investigation those people will not feature, and there will be a new person acting as an intermediary making approach to a player, when we dig into it we will find it is one of that group of corruptors using a different name or new phone,” Alex Marshall, the general manager of the ICC’s ACU, was quoted as saying by Telegraph Sport.

“We will look to have that person named as an excluded person and then anyone in cricket who has had fair warning and associates with him will be in trouble. That is not the purpose of it but if we have a number of allegations identifying one person we will start the process of excluding them. We are doing the first one or two right now,” he added.

The names of those fixers will be placed on the ICC website soon using article 2.4.9 and the purpose of doing this to curb the fixing menace in the game which has hampered the game largely in last few years.