IBA Women’s World Boxing championship 2023 : Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan Boxers feel Ramadan is a great time to feel stronger!

IBA Women's World Boxing championship 2023 : Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan Boxers feel Ramadan is a great time to feel stronger!

Women boxers from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan feel that fasting on the holy month of Ramadan brings peace and strength instead of weakness even during major tournaments like this. While some think that effects of Fasting could somehow make players feel week but it does not faze the female boxers here at the IBA Women’s World Boxing championship 2023.

Yesterday, at the Indira Gandhi Indoor stadium at 6:40 PM, Uzbek and Kazakh boxers were seen prepare for Iftar – the post dawn meal before getting back to business. The Iftar meal included Bananas, Dates, Almonds and Orange Juice. Once the boxers and their coaches broke their fast, they offered prayers towards the direction of Mecca.

Thursday 24th of March kicked off the season of the month long Ramadan among Muslims around the world. And all the female boxers who have arrived from Central Asia and the Middle east have been observing the holy occasion.

Kazakhstan born Boxer Urakbayeva Zhazira who suffered a 5-0 defeat to the hands of India’s Sakshi Chaudhary opened up about her thoughts on Ramadan and said that this holy period brings strength and clarity to their game play. “The training and competitions must go on. We have been into this situation several times. The holy month of Ramadan makes us stronger from inside.”

She also said that adapting to the situation is very important and fasting also alters the schedule at times but it is all about transitioning into the month of self-reflection. “We have to adapt to the situation. It’s equally important for us to fast but we generally avoid it during tournaments. Its about making alterations to our training programe.”

Another Boxer from Kazakhstan Alua Balkibekova said that their coaches are also fasting during the tournament but she is among other Boxers who will not fast during the Boxing championship but once they head back home, they will start observing the fasts.

Navbakhor Khamisova from Uzbekistan said that Ramadan is a good time to reset and start freshly with the training. “It’s a reset for me, to start my journey afresh as a boxer. As the days pass by, your body and mind adapt to the lifestyle changes. I don’t feel weak physically with fasting, i actually feel lighter.”