“I Will Delete Your Number”, BCB president scolds the youngster Mehidy Hasan Miraz

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The president of the Bangladesh Cricket Board, Nazmul Hasan, was in a really grumpy mood as he came to attend the meeting with the Bangladesh cricketers who were recently on strike against the board.

Nazmul straightaway had a go at the off spinner Mehidy Hasan Miraz and almost scolded him for not taking his call when the strike was on.

Nazmul was trying to remind Mehidy how much he had contributed towards his success and also made it clear to the young man that he wouldn’t be there for him the next time he needs his help.

“Miraz, what have I not done for you, and you didn’t pick up my phone call? From today onwards, I will delete your number from my phone.”, Nazmul told Miraz in the meeting.

Mehidy was totally taken aback by this personal attack of the board president. He didn’t know how to react.

With the way Nazmul spoke, it was clear that he wanted Mehidy to convey to him what the players were thinking and what they were planning with regard to the strike.

Mehidy decided to remain loyal to his teammates and opted not to talk to the board president till the time there was not an agreement between the players and the board. Nazmul didn’t like that one bit.

The meeting didn’t go well after that as none of the players appreciated the attitude of the board president towards a young player. The Bangladesh skipper Shakib Al Hasan, however, still kept his cool and put forward the players’ point of view to Nazmul.

But, a player, after the meeting, said that there was no clarity in the words of the board president as he didn’t even tell the players how much of an increment they will be getting in the National Cricket League (NCL).

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