How Team India Performed in First Inning of WTC Final?

WTC Final

There is no doubt about the fact that the first two days have not gone India’s way. However, India has a reputation for bouncing back. Nobody can forget the 2001 Kolkata test match against Australia. Even after getting the follow-on, India was able to get the victory against Australia. But, this time, in WTC final conditions are different at The Oval.

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How India Performed Till Now in WTC Final


There is no doubt about the fact that Mohammed Siraj has given the best performance among all the Indian bowlers. He went on to take 4 wickets, by giving 108 runs. This is certainly a good performance in the finals. Unfortunately, others were not able to follow his lead. Experienced bowler like Umesh yadav was not able to take any wicket in the 23 overs he bowled. On the other hand, Shami was able to manage to get a couple of wickets, but he even gave away 122 runs. Overall, bowling could have been better, but in the 2nd innings, Indian bowlers would need to give their best.


It was expected, if the bowlers will not be able to give their best, then the batsmen will contribute. However, in the first two days both have failed. Dependable players like Kohli, and Pujara were not able to make the required contribution. Now the eyes are on Rahane to add some important runs, so that the bowlers will have something to fight for. 


In these important finals, it is important for the captains to perform well. A captain’s knock is required. This gives a lot of confidence to the rest of the team. Overall captaincy of Rohit Sharma has been fine in the first two days. However, it is certainly important for the captain to lead by example. Rohit is going to have one more innings to make an important contribution, to boost the confidence of the players. 

So, this is the current update of the match. Currently, at the stumps of day 2, India’s score is 151-5. Now India needs to perform well in each and every session of Day 3, to get back in the game.