How Chess can become the 3rd Most Popular Game in India after Cricket and Kabaddi?

How Chess can become the 3rd Most Popular Game in India after Cricket and Kabaddi?


Chess, a popular board game that demands strategic thinking and mental prowess, has been making significant strides in India’s sports landscape. This growth can be attributed to the dedicated efforts of various stakeholders who have tirelessly worked behind the scenes to promote and popularize this mind-boggling game.

I. Chess Gaining Momentum in India:

  • Chess is gaining momentum across India, particularly in states like Kolkata and Chennai, where it has garnered a substantial following.
  • The game’s appeal lies in its accessibility, requiring minimal investment, limited space, and a conducive environment, making it accessible to a broad demographic.

II. Chess vs. Cricket and Kabaddi:

  • While cricket and kabaddi continue to dominate the Indian sports scene in terms of reach, viewership, and scalability, chess is rapidly closing the gap.
  • The rising popularity of chess signifies a diversification of sports interests among the Indian populace, showcasing the country’s appetite for various competitive activities.

III. Chess at the Grassroots Level:

  • One of the key drivers of chess’s popularity in India is the extensive organization of chess competitions at the school level.
  • These grassroots efforts have nurtured young talents and created a strong foundation for the game’s growth in the country.

IV. Chess Progressing to the Highest Levels:

  • As the game continues to gain traction, chess competitions in India have evolved and progressed to the highest levels.
  • The nation now boasts a growing contingent of internationally competitive chess players, further elevating the sport’s profile.

V. The Future of Chess in India:

  • With the current trajectory, chess in India shows no signs of slowing down. It is poised to become a significant player in the Indian sports landscape.
  • The game’s intellectual challenges, along with its growing accessibility, are attracting more enthusiasts, ensuring a bright future for chess in India.


Chess’s remarkable ascent in India is a testament to its universal appeal and the dedication of those who have championed the game’s growth. As it continues to make strides, chess is positioning itself as a formidable contender in India’s diverse sporting arena, offering a thrilling alternative to the country’s more traditional favorites, cricket and kabaddi. With its growing popularity at both the grassroots and professional levels, chess is set to captivate the minds of many more Indians in the years to come.