History Of Basketball And India’s Participation In The Asian Games


Basketball has been a staple sporting event in the Asian Games ever since its inaugural edition in Delhi in 1951. The Asian Games competitions for basketball hold a special status and played in Asian championships even before the establishment of the Asian Basketball Confederation Championship in 1960.

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Asian Games Basketball Sporting Victories Nation Wise

These top nations have contributed significantly to the Asian Games, collectively amassing 18 gold medals, 18 silver medals, and 18 bronze medals, culminating in 54 medals in basketball. 

China & South Korea

The nation that has consistently shown exceptional performance in the Asian Games, clinching the highest number of gold medals, is China. With an impressive tally of 8 gold medals, two silver, and one bronze, China has established itself as a dominant team in the sporting arena. 

Not far behind, South Korea has displayed its muscle excellence with four gold medals, six silver medals, and four bronze medals, accumulating 14 medals.


The Philippines, too, has demonstrated its strength in the Asian Games, securing four gold medals, one silver medal, and two bronze medals, tallying up to a notable seven medals. 

Japan & Iran

Although not securing gold medals, Japan still bagged two silver and six bronze medals, amassing 8. Similarly, Iran has proven its spirit by obtaining two silver and three bronze medals, amounting to a total of 5 medals.

Chinese Taipei, Qatar & Thailand

Chinese Taipei has secured two silver medals among the participating nations, displaying their skill. Qatar and Thailand have earned a silver medal, emphasizing their contributions to the overall medal count.

Kazakhstan & North Korea

Although earning just one bronze medal each, Kazakhstan and North Korea have made their mark in the reputable competition.

India’s Participation from 1951 to 2014 in Asian Games Basketball

India’s participation in the Basketball sport at the Asian Games has been irregular over the years, with the nation entering the competition on six occasions between 1951 and 2014. At the same time, some performances have brought India close to victories.

In the inaugural year of the Asian Games basketball event in 1951, India managed to secure 4th place, a noteworthy start to their journey in the competition. However, subsequent years witnessed varying degrees of success. In 1970, India’s performance landed them in the 6th place, reflecting the challenging nature of the competition.

In 1982, the team faced tougher competition and concluded the tournament in 8th place. The year 2006 saw India finish in 17th place. The subsequent games in 2010 and 2014 brought mixed results for the Indian basketball team. While 2010 led to an 11th-place finish, 2014 saw the team secure 9th place. Despite not consistently clinching the top spots, India’s contributions to the sport and its representation on the Asian Games stage remain significant.