Had ups and downs but love for Cricket kept me going, says Rahul Dravid

Former Indian Skipper and current NCA head Rahul Dravid said that his carrier was not a smooth ride at all but his passion and love for cricket kept him going. He was addressing in Desh Apnayen Sahoyog foundation and Satya Vigyan Foundation as a distinguished guest. The Talk was hosted by Ayaz Memon, who is among India’s Top Sports Journalist.

He was asked about his carrier to which he replied that no individual player’s carrier has been smooth sailing for them as if you are playing professional cricket you should be prepared to face the obstacles.

“I had my share of my ups and downs but I think what’s kept me going is just the love for the game and just trying to get the best of myself,” he explained.

Dravid relies on that philosophy of coaching where he don’t coach players as cricketers but as a person. As he teaches players about the professional and personal aspects of Sports too. He further added that all the accolades has come his way is due to this great game of cricket which has instilled all kind of emotions and experiences inside him be it good or bad.

“In Sports, you are put under the spotlight a light and your failure is very public, along with your success so you need to deal with that. It is not easy at times, It sometimes makes you do things that you necessarily not very proud of and sometimes you learn from those things. It has become so much more competitive today than it has actually become harder for Sportsperson to have a normal life” He added.

He was also asked about coaching Under 19 winning World Cup team where he felt bad that he was given higher prize money as compared to rest of the support staff who equally deserve the same amount as reward . However all the ex-cricketers, experts have praised Dravid for developing players at Under 19 level and teaching them the nuances of International cricket to a great extent.