Gautam Gambhir Showed Middle Finger to Crowd at Premadasa Stadium

Gautam Gambhir

At the Premadasa Stadium when Gautam Gambir was walking out of the ground yesterday, he lost his cool and showed his middle finger to the crowd. Now there are two theories behind this controversy. One theory is that the crowd was chanting “Kohli, Kohli” and because of that he lost his cool. However, the theory of Gautam Gambhir contradicts what the crowd is saying. As per Gautam Gambhir, he saw some anti-national slogans, due to which he got upset and lost his cool. He also said that he did what any Indian would do. This is not the first time he has lost his temper, this is a legacy of Gambhir. 

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What’s actually happened? 

There are two videos that are circulating on the internet. One video shows Gambhir getting off the ground, with his security guard, and people shouting Kohli’s name. After listening to this Gautam turns around, and shows his middle finger to the crowd. 

On the other side, Gautam Gambhir has defended himself, by posting his explanation on the social platform. Gautam Gambhir stated, “Not everything is as it seems. Any Indian would react how I did to the kind of slogans used against our nation. I love our players & I love my country.” Through this statement, he gave the explanation to the Indian fans, that he had a reason to show that gesture. 

Cricket is definitely a Gentleman’s game, but it looks like Gautam Gambhir never followed that principle, because he has been considered one of those bad boys of the game. 

However, after the time Gautam Gambhir gave his explanation, there were many netizens who are supporting Gautam Gambhir. 

Recent incidents of Gautam Gambhir’s aggression 

There have been several incidents recently in which Gautam Gambhir got angry. One of those was in the IPL 2023. Gautam Gambhir lost his cool against Virat Kohli and got into an argument with him. Even while shaking hands at the end of the match, he was angry with him. 

However, as per the experts, and sports news channels, Gambhir should calm his nerves.