Ganguly Not Concerned About The Strike of The Bangladesh Players

Telegraph India

The newly elected president of the BCCI, Sourav Ganguly, is not concerned about the ongoing strike of the Bangladesh players.

The Bangladesh players have gone on a strike against their board listing 11 demands which need to be fulfilled. There is a chance if the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) doesn’t accept the demands of the players, they might refuse to tour India.

But, Ganguly thinks it’s an internal matter of the BCB and it’s up to them to find a solution of it. The Bengal tiger is, however, confident that the BCB will find a solution to the problem by the time the India tour starts and the tour won’t have to be cancelled.

The second test match of the India vs Bangladesh test series is scheduled to take place in Kolkata and Ganguly has planned to invite some dignitaries for that game.

He has also planned to invite those players who were part of the first ever test match that Bangladesh played. Bangladesh had played their first ever test match against India only and Ganguly was the skipper of that Indian side.

Ganguly has said that he will write a letter to the BCB and will let them know about his plans regarding the Kolkata test match.

“We will write now to the Bangladesh board – Bangladesh’s first Test was with India, so we want to invite those players [who played the match]. And I will write, as the BCCI president as and when I get elected, to players of that team.” Ganguly was quoted saying by Cricbuzz.

What has triggered the strike of the Bangladesh players is BCB’s decision to change the format of the BPL and to decrease the remuneration of the domestic players.

BPL was earlier a franchise based tournament where the teams were owned by the private franchises, but now with the new format, the teams will be owned by the state associations as happens in the Big Bash League (BBL).



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