Fire and Ice apt way to describe Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson: Dinesh Karthik

Kane Williamson and Virat Kohli who almost started his career at the same has reached miles ahead in this great game of cricket as both of them are recognized as two of top batsman in the world.

Dinesh Karthik who is officially now part of English commentary team along with Sunil Gavaskar recently used an adjectives to describe both greats of the game where he used term for talismanic Indian skipper and Ice for cool captain Kane Williamson.

These terms given by Dinesh Karthik perfectly describe these two as Kohli is someone who wears his heart on his sleeve whereas Williamson is cool, calm and composed in the pressure moments of the game. Karthik also believes that both are smart captains as both have taken their respective national side to top with amazing leadership skill and leading from the front in every close contest.

“As cliched as it sounds fire and ice is the best way to put it for both of them. This guy Virat Kohli breathes fire , that guy Williamson is about cool as it comes, ” Karthik said in a Twitter space organized by Star Sports.

He also talked about the bond that these two rivals captain share among each other as they know each other from Under 19 days and added no matter how hard they compete on the field the respect and admiration that these two skippers share among each other is top notch which is rare to see in modern cricket.

“You go on social media you see Virat has nice things to say about Williamson and vice versa. If I remember they both were not playing a match were sitting together on boundary rope sharing laughter and they might be remembering cricketing incidents they both have witnessed together in the past” Karthik concluded.