Exploring the Viability of Esports as a Promising Career Choice in India

Exploring the Viability of Esports as a Promising Career Choice in India

Unveiling the Current Esports Landscape in India:

In the realm of the burgeoning Esports industry, India stands witness to rapid growth; however, a spectrum of impediments necessitates careful scrutiny and strategizing. By dissecting each facet, we delve into comprehensive insights, envisioning Esports as a flourishing career avenue within the Indian context.

1. Global Disparities and the Indian Context:

Amidst the vibrant global panorama, the likes of China and the US have positioned themselves as Esports powerhouses, wielding an industry worth over $100 billion. In stark juxtaposition, India trails, mustering a mere $235 million in 2021. This glaring dichotomy underscores the pressing need to address these challenges, invigorating the nascent sector towards productive industry status.

2. Singular Dependence: The BGMI Dilemma:

A disheartening actuality surfaces as India’s Esports realm relies heavily on a single game – BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile India). The game’s temporary ban spurred widespread layoffs, exposing a precarious facet of the industry’s vulnerability. However, with BGMI’s resurgence, anticipations surge for India’s Esports sphere to regain momentum, heralding an era of exponential expansion.

3. Bridging the Awareness Chasm:

An evident dearth in awareness perpetuates misconceptions; external observers often construe Esports as exclusive to professional players. Yet, concealed beneath this facade lies a trove of diverse roles: psychologists, coaches, support personnel, casters, media experts, and more. These roles illuminate a spectrum of career avenues, ensuring a holistic ecosystem ripe for exploration.

4. Catalyzing Growth: The MP Esports Academy:

The proactive initiative by the Madhya Pradesh Government to establish an Esports academy represents a pioneering endeavor. The academy, envisaged as an all-encompassing hub, stands poised to proffer comprehensive training and robust infrastructure. This transformative stride promises to cultivate adept Esports athletes, well-versed in the intricate dynamics of the game.

5. Consolidation and Policy Formation:

The Esports Federation of India and the Federation of Electronic Association of India, wielding the authority to sculpt Esports policies, must unify their efforts. A collaborative confluence with governmental backing, mirroring established sports federations like AIFF, BAI, or HI, holds the potential to yield coherent policies that engender a well-regulated Esports domain across the nation.

6. Amplifying Outreach and Engagement:

Esports’ ascent in India necessitates expansive coverage in traditional media channels. Wider television exposure and increased visibility in newspapers emerge as potent tools to catalyze engagement. This concerted outreach initiative not only educates the masses but also galvanizes the rapid-paced ecosystem towards embracing a broader audience.


In summation, the evolving narrative of Esports as a career avenue in India beckons a strategic overhaul. By acknowledging these challenges, harnessing proactive initiatives, and fostering unified policy formation, the path is paved for India’s Esports ecosystem to burgeon into a flourishing industry, transcending limitations and realizing its immense potential.