BGMI Season 2: Where to Watch the Tournament in India?

BGMI Season 2: Where to Watch the Tournament in India?

In a remarkable comeback, Season 2 of the highly acclaimed Battle Ground Mobile India Series has made its entrance, featuring a fierce clash amongst 24 competing teams, all vying for the esteemed championship title.

Invitations Extended and Qualifiers Secured:

A total of 14 teams have received direct invitations, while an additional 10 teams secured their positions through the Open Qualifiers phase. This prestigious tournament is masterfully orchestrated through the collaborative efforts of Star Sports and Nodwin Gaming, with the epic showdown set to take place in New Delhi. The inaugural match kicks off today.

Lavish Prize and Live Broadcast:

An astounding prize pool of 2.1 crore rupees awaits the triumphant team that emerges as the ultimate winner. For avid spectators and fans, the pivotal question emerges: where can one witness the exhilarating live broadcasts of these intense matchups within India?

The live coverage of each riveting encounter will commence at 9:30 pm on Star Sports, while simultaneously being available for streaming on Rooter.

Nodwin Gaming Partners with TVS Motor:

Nodwin Gaming has successfully secured a partnership with TVS Motor, designating them as the mobility partner for this monumental gaming event.

A Spectacular Anticipation:

Building upon the resounding success of the inaugural season, this edition of the tournament is anticipated to surpass previous heights, fueled by the impressive viewership record of approximately 36 million.

Transformation in Teams:

A captivating element of the tournament lies in the fact that while teams from the preceding edition are partaking in this ongoing season, substantial alterations in their rosters are anticipated. Numerous emerging teams have ascended in the rankings, earning their rightful places in this grand event.

Awaiting the Grand Unveiling:

As the curtains rise on this enthralling tournament, the spotlight is cast upon these teams, poised to engage in intense battles against one another. The commencement of the tournament today marks the commencement of what promises to be an extraordinary season of BGMI, offering an abundance of excitement, enthralling gameplay, and indelible moments in esports history, all in honor of the eventual champions.