Everything you need to know about BGMI Ranked Cycle 4 Season 11

Everything you need to know about BGMI Ranked Cycle 4 Season 11

Complete Details about BGMI Ranked Cycle 4 Season 11 in Detail: 

Finally, BGMI’s new season 11 of cycle 4 is here.

Players can now finally play all new ranked classic matches in Cycle 4, Season 11, and can rank up in the new season. With the arrival of the new season 11, the tiers of the players have been reset accordingly to their previous season tiers.

Also, all new rewards for each tier have been added to the game. Players can rank up and achieve all those rewards.

With the introduction of the all-new season, it will be a great opportunity for the rank pushers to quickly get to the top and achieve the conqueror title. Only the top 500 players on the leader board on the server will be able to achieve the conqueror title.

Also, the conqueror players will receive an exclusive reward that includes special outfits, a title, a lobby effect, and a frame.

Also, a new feature added to the game with the introduction of the all-new server is that players playing the first two matches in any map in ranked mode will not lose any points.

This is really exciting news for the players, as they can play more aggressively on hot drops without fear of losing any points. The new ranked mode can be played in Erangel, Livik, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Karakin, and also in the all-new map Nusa.

This is to be noted: in order to play ranked mode, a player must be at or above level 10. Level 10 players can start playing at the bronze tier and can rank up by getting kills, ranking well, or even getting chicken dinners in matches.

The rewards received on each tier keep changing.

On reaching the gold tier, players will receive a C4S11 set, i.e., an outfit. Similarly, on the platinum tier, players will receive sunglasses skins, and on the diamond tier, an awesome Groza skin will be rewarded to the players.

For crown tier, the season reward will be lobby effect and title. Players reaching the ace tier will receive various rewards from ace-to-ace masters until ace dominator, followed by mask skins, caps, and special titles.

All the excitement has been doubled with the return of the new season, and it’s going to be a serious rank-pushing season after the game ban.