“Don’t Rush Comeback”: Zaheer Khan to Injured Hardik Pandya

zaheer khan on pandya injury

Although India have been doing pretty well in every series, there are a few key players who are injured or have been suffering from the injury. They are – Ishant Sharma, Hardik Pandya and recently Rohit Sharma. Hardik has been ruled out of the upcoming Test series against New Zealand as he has not been recovered from his back injury. He has been out of the game since September. However, Zaheer Khan asked him not to rush.

hardik-pandya-injuryMoreover, veteran pacer Ishant has twisted his right ankle during a Ranji Trophy game in Delhi and there is a little chance for him to recover in time for the first Test starting from February 21. Even recently India opener Rohit Sharma too picked up a calf injury during the fifth T20 International (T20I) in Mount Maunganui in India’s 5-0 series whitewash against New Zealand and being out of the rest of the tour.

“What was the result in the previous series? It’s not about that; it’s about putting up a team there together. That’s the strength right now this Indian team has. The strength of any squad is seen with their bench strength as well. We are in a position at the moment where the talent and pool of players we have is excellent,” Zaheer Khan told reporters. “The roles are shared by different people. We are in a great space as a team at the moment with regard to that.”

Zaheer also said he already spoke to Hardik Pandya and has advised him not to rush to get back in the action.zaheer-khan-to-pandya

“I have (spoken to him). I will say this to anyone who is a sportsman and is going through an injury phase. It’s frustrating at times when you’re away from the game, but it’s very important to stay patient and control things in your control. It’s about listening to your body,” Zaheer added.

“You have to be patient through that process and you have to listen to the team which is around you — the support staff, be it your doctor, your physio, your trainers. Those are the key people one should communicate with and control the controllables. I have always been advising everyone in the same fashion: you have to take your time; you cannot be impatient and rush your comeback. It’s about when you come back, it should be in for a long haul,” further added the speedster.

Zaheer Khan is the director of cricket operations at Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League where Hardik Pandya is one of the key players for the side alongside Rohit Sharma who is the leader of the team. Hardik’s recovery will be a big help for the franchise as his all-round ability provides a solid strength in the middle order.

“For MI, IPL is still a long way away, and for Hardik it’s important he should take his time to come back 120 per cent. I can say it by experience, when anyone goes through injuries, it’s not about coming back, it’s about how you come back,” Zaheer Khan concluded.

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