Did You know the 4 Latest FIFA World Cup 2022 Facts?

FIFA World Cup 2022 : Combined XI of the Best performers

1. Marcelo Brozovic ran 16.7 Kilometers against Japan – Croatian Midfielder Marcelo Brozovic broke his own record of covering the longest distance in the World cup after he ran almost 17 kilometers against Japan in the round of 16. Four years ago in the 2018 FIFA World cup Semi-final against England, Brozovic ran 16.3 kilometers to enter their first ever WC final. In that match Croatia defeated England by 2-1 but lost against eventual World champions France in the final. If we talk about Brozovic, then he is one of the most creative and hard working player in any team he plays for plus he also has the stats to back him up. He is a deep-lying midfielder who has at least one touch in the buildup for any particular attack. Only Aurelim Tchouameni and Rodrigo De Paul have more passes in open play than Marcelo Brozovic himself.

Did You know the 4 Latest FIFA World Cup 2022 Facts?
Marcelo Brozovic has covered the longest distance with 16.7 Kilometers 

2. Spain are the first team in FIFA WC history to lose 4 Penalty shootouts – Spain’s shocking exit from 2022 FIFA World cup to the hands of Morocco by penalties was La Roja’s 4th Penalty shootout loss. This is a record, given the fact that no other nation in the tournament has lost more Penalties than the 2010 World champions. In the previous 3 shootouts they suffered defeat against Belgium, South Korea and Russia. In their fixture against the Moroccans in the last 16, Spain enjoyed 77% of possession, firing 13 shots as well but failed to win the match. Even in the penalty shootout, all three of their shots were saved by opposing goalkeeper Yassine Bono. The Spaniards entered the tournament as the favorites to win the World cup but they exited the tournament in the most shocking way. They are also only the second team in WC history to not score in the penalties.

3. Morocco have the lowest expected goals in FIFA World cup – Despite their terrific run in FIFA World Cup 2022, Morocco have the lowest xG in the tournament after hosts Qatar. They topped a group which had teams like Croatia and Belgium. While Morocco’s match against the Croats remained goalless but the Moroccans were able to beat Belgium – one of the upsets in this tournament. In their round of 16 clash against Spain, Morocco stopped Spain from scoring a single goal even during the Penalties. Even after maintaining 23% of possession, Morocco came out on top against a team which scored 7 goals in their opening match. With only 2.9 xG, Morocco have the lowest expected goals in FIFA World cup 2022.

4. FIFA World Cup Round of 16 produced 28 goals – the most in this stage of the competition – This year’s World cup has been wild without any doubt. From upsets to goal fests to goalless matches, everything happened in this World cup. For the first time ever, a host nation failed to win a single match and also scored only 1 goal in the first 3 matches. However, this edition’s Round of 16 phase was perhaps the best ever. This year’s round of 16 saw 28 goals scored, which is the most at this stage of the tournament. In 2018 there were 24 goals overall.

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