Denver Nuggets agree to buyout Jordan McRae after just four games with him

The Denver Nuggets have agreed to a contract to a buyout with the shooting guard Jordan McRae as reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. McRae was acquired via a trade with the Washington Wizards by the Nuggets earlier in February. McRae played only four games for the side, had 32 total court minutes in February for Denver. 

For a 6-foot-5 and 179 pounds guy, he wanted more minutes on the floor, which was not feasible for the side to do with the healthy playing lineup already filling in all the gaps. McRae scored eight points, five rebounds, and three assists in his debut with the Denver Nuggets against the Spurs but since then, his role declined due to not getting enough opportunities from the bench. The 28-yeas-old guard expressed his frustration which was also clearly visible at one such instance when he was replaced with just 18 seconds left in a lopsided win against the Timberwolves on February 23. 

Reports also suggest that now Jordan may also move to the Phoenix Suns, his first-ever NBA team, where he can hope of getting more minutes on the floor with them and amplify the winning momentum, thereby increasing his stride for a long-term association with the Suns. 

Now after his buyout, Nuggets will be left with just 13 full-time players on the roster, however, Nuggets may look for another team’s buyout or the G League for emergency depth, perhaps converting PJ Dozier to a full-time roster slot along the way. 

During his brief stay in Denver, McRae put up an average of 11.5 points-per-game, having established himself as a rotation piece on the Washington Wizards earlier this season. It is unclear how the Nuggets will address McRae’s roster spot. He is on an expiring contract worth $1.64 million, per