Chelsea club is angry on Mason Mount. The reason is here



With the pandemic coronavirus spreading all over the world and infecting many apart from taking the lives of the huge number, multiple football leagues across the world have suspended their action for a fortnight or around 20 days. Among those, English Premier League one of the most-watched and cash-rich leagues which has suspended their action until April 4. The Premier League body has said that the further course of action will be observed once the situation is under control of human beings.

Among the Premier League clubs and managers, Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal is tested positive with the virus whereas Callum Hudson Odoi, the Chelsea midfielder has also been tested positive. This has resulted in self-isolation of players by Chelsea who has ordered the players to isolate themselves.

mason mount

However, Mason Mount, the 21-year old English international has come into the radar of the top management of the club due to the behaviour during this issue. The management of Chelsea Football Club is angry over the player as he was seen playing five-a-side football along with Declan Rice.

The player was seen near 5G  ProTurf at Trent Football Centre alongside the Westham midfielder and was pictured by Daily Mirror. Now, the player has frisked in the risk of facing action by the club and his manager, Frank Lampard.

mason mount and declan rice

Amid the fears of the pandemic virus, the club has issued the rule of self-isolation according to the government guidelines. However, the player was seen disobeying it and the reports suggest that Mason Mount has been warned of his actions and the further actions will be taken care off.

One of the passersby near the training centre was astonished by the action of the player and said:

“We noticed a car that looked a bit ridiculous and wondered who was in it.

“Then another came along with three or four people inside. My son recognised Mason Mount as the driver.

“They played a kickabout of five or six-a-side. Declan Rice was playing too.”

Though the players are fit enough and are very tender in age to sustain the attack of the virus, it is good to adhere to the rules laid down. One should consider the fight against the coronavirus as a football match which is a team game and it cannot be won without the support of all eleven players on the field.