BREAKING NEWS: Players and staff at the Australian Open exempted from COVID-19 testing


Players participating in the 2023 Australian Open which is to take place in Melbourne from 16th January 2023 have been exempted from COVID-19 testing. The Australian Open committee announced that there will be no testing for the COVID-19 virus at the Australian Open 2023.

The same rules have been applied to the staff working in the Australian Open. They need not get tested themselves to work in the tournament. However, the committee has announced that players and staff who are unwell are recommended to stay at home.

Players are also allowed to participate in the tournament even if they are unwell or COVID-19 positive. Tennis Australia chief executive Craig Tiley compared it to cricket and said there might be instances where players are COVID-19 positive but can participate in their respective matches. In an interview, he said, “We’ve made it clear to our players as well as over 12,000 staff that if anyone is feeling unwell, stay home. It’s a normalized environment for us and not dissimilar to cricket, there will potentially be players who will compete with COVID.”

There will also be no extra rules and regulations for the fans coming in at the Australian Open to watch their favorite stars in action. There will be no compulsory vaccine, no mandatory masks, and no limit on the crowd. This is a very shocking revelation by the AO committee after Novak Djokovic was exempted from participating in the event due to not being vaccinated last year in the AO 2022.

This is a huge step by the committee taken and everyone hopes that it comes out well. The Australian Open is in its qualifiers stage right now and the main draws begin on 16th January 2023 which is Monday with the finals to be played on 29th January 2023.