BGMI set to return for the Indian audience!

Popular esports mobile game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is set to make a comeback. According to the official information provided by the company (Sean Hyunil Sohn) on Twitter the game will be available for download on Google Play Store and App store soon.

The game was modified with adjustments adhering to the country’s required rules and regulations but there were still security issues which led to its ban.


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With the announcement of the return of the game, the Indian gaming community is thrilled as this move comes at a great time and will ensure growth of gaming and esports, boosting gamer careers and community buildup benefiting all stakeholders.

Some prominent personalities welcomed the lift of the ban. According to Trinity Gaming India’s Founder & CEO,  Abhishek Aggarwal, “ We are glad that the government has taken this initiative. The gaming community and the future of gamers and their careers had come to a standstill. With this move, we hope to see a positive and encouraging future. The player teams will be absolutely thrilled to once again be a part of this booming Indian gaming community”

Manish Agarwal, Founder & Custodian, IndiGG, “The comeback of BGMI will give the overall Indian gaming industry a shot in the arm. It will encourage gamers and the gaming community including athletes, tournaments, sponsors and streamers to start generating revenue again. The regulatory environment around gaming is constantly evolving and improving which is forming an amazing foundation for growth of gaming in India in this decade”

Bharat Patel, Chairman & Director, Yudiz Solutions Ltd, “The gaming industry will gain further from the re-entry of BGMI. The game has a large following of enthusiasts and will get esports to come back even stronger. With the government sorting out the technical issues and regulatory concerns, the already growing Indian gaming ecosystem and the gaming community will benefit and rise.”

Esports has been a medal sport in South East Asian Games in 2019, 2021 & 2022. India won a bronze medal in 2018 Asian Games, where esports was included as a demonstration title. Esports is at the forefront of this growth and is estimated to become a ₹1,100 crore industry by 2025 at a CAGR of 46%.