Australia on Verge of Winning WTC Final

WTC Final

From the outside, it clearly looks like Australia is on the verge of winning the WTC final 2023. However, Indian fans are used to the miracles. Either it was the 2001, Kolkata test match win, or dominating the whole test series of the 2003 Australian tour. Indians have always bounced back. 

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The situation on Day 5 of WTC Final

We are in day 5 of the WTC final 2023 and the Australian team is only 3 wickets away from winning the test match. From India’s perspective, they need 225 more runs to win the match (While this article is written). There is no doubt about the fact that right now India is under pressure. Because only Srikar Bharat is left as their main batsman.

What needs to be done from here? 

There are a few do’s and don’ts India needs to do from here to ensure that they don’t lose the final. A few of them are given below. 


It is clear that from here, India should not lose even a single wicket. India should look to draw the Test match as scoring 225 runs with tail-enders is near to impossible. 

Aggressive batting 

Till now India has been making runs at the run rate of 3.78. But now they need to slow down to ensure that they are in the driving seat to draw the Test match. However, Srikar Bharat needs to make a big score for that. 

One needs to bat till the end

Srikar Bharat needs to bat till the end of the innings. In that manner, a new batsman on the other end will not be under a lot of pressure. That is going to be the key to draw this test match. 

So, let’s hope India’s wicket-keeper batter Srikar Bharat takes India to draw the WTC final. That is certainly going to be one of the greatest Test draw for India.