Afghanistan Solely Misses Rashid Khan as They Concede Over 350 Runs

Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan is without any doubt, a world-class bowler. He has got over 30 wickets in only 5 test matches he has played. This certainly shows that he has the ability to make his team win single-handedly. There is no doubt about the fact that he would have been a big challenge for the Bangladeshi team in the current BAN vs AFG Test match. 

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Reason for missing out on the test match:

Rashid Khan has recently been given rest, due to the back injury he has suffered. However, it is necessary for him to make sure that he gets fit again because he is the best bowler Afghanistan is having right now. At the same time, Rashid would need to ensure that he takes care of his fitness ahead of the Asia Cup 2023 and the ODI World Cup. 

Back injury 

Rashid Khan was not able to play the two ODI matches against Sri Lanka, due to the back injury he suffered. The report says that he has been asked to rest to increase the longevity in the game.  

Rashid would need to ensure that he makes the right choices. In this manner, he will not be missing out on the important matches. Between IPL matches and the test match, he has to ensure that he makes the selection of the test matches. There is no doubt, IPL matches are going to give a lot of financial stability to a player. But at the same time, even the test matches are very rare and important for a player from the Afghanistan team. 

So, now you know the reason why Rashid missed the test match and at the same time, how effective he can be. But the fans of Afghanistan are still waiting for the players to do well. Bangladesh might be ahead right now in the game. But, there is no doubt, that anything can happen.