Accrington Stanley’s owner slams Jurgen Klopp, calls for action over Liverpool


Andy Holt, the owner of League One club Accrington Stanley, has slammed Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp and has called on the Football Association to take strong action against the Reds if they field a youth team in their FA Cup replay with Shrewsbury.

After a 2-2 draw with the League One side in Sunday’s fourth-round clash, Klopp declared that he along with his senior stars will not be at Anfield for the reverse fixture stating their need for a winter break.stanley-owner-slams-kloop-intent-to-play-kids

Under-23s manager Neil Critchley is thus expected to lead a young time out as he did in December in the Carabao Cup quarter-final clash when Liverpool opted to prioritize the Club World Cup.

This has not been received well with Holt, the outspoken chairman of League One club Accrington, who has taken swipe at Klopp over his boycott plans.

In a series of posts on Twitter, he wrote: “He’s a disgrace. I’ll never understand why top clubs and top @premierleague players don’t stand up and stay united with clubs and players further down the pyramid. This is pure selfishness of the highest degree. I’d drag myself out of bed to play the replay. Because it’s the right thing to do.

“I wouldn’t give a shit how tired I was. I’d do the right thing. I’d give a bit back instead of being a grasping, selfish type. We spoke about the @EmiratesFACup and how top @premierleague
would rather be playing exhibition matches in China building their profits and brands.jurgen-kloop-fa-cup-replay-clashes

“That’s why @FA were considering significantly increasing the first prizes far more than the earlier rounds proportionately. We have only just given up 5th round replays…. They’re back for 4th round replays… They join in the 3rd.

“Jurgen LFC, you’re embarrassing yourself. Your tarnishing your reputation. Rethink where you go from here. You’re killing @EmiratesFACup. There’s calls to kill @Carabao_Cup You’re killing us.”

He then added: “This is a battle @FA must win or their flagship competition is totally undermined. “This is a battle @EPL must win, or they should shut up shop.

“@LFC need censuring and fining heavily. It’s not their football. It’s ours.

“This path we’re on, forever losing out to @premierleague greed has to stop.  It might have to be government or supporters that have to fight for our game in the end. In the absence of strong @FA or @EFL, there may be no other option.

“We have stadia sales, clubs suing each other, non-payment of wages, clubs going out of business after being kicked out…. Just how much more evidence is needed for @FA and @EFL to see it’s gone too far? FOOTBALL IS IN DISTRESS.  Act for our pyramid or leave.”