5 Times When Sports Biopics Showed Fake Facts

Indian film industry or Bollywood is keen on making sports biopics for the last one decade. Supposedly these biopics are actual representations of hardships, struggles and success tasted by the sportsmen. From Bhaag Milkha Bhag to Kapil Dev biopic, Indian audience is spellbound and wants more from the directors.

But filmmakers must do proper research before making the biopic, instead seeking the taste of the audience and making some twisting and crispy changes to entertain the audience. Personally speaking, it hampers the goodwill of the director and leaves a false impression on the audience.

Let’s take a look at the 5 incidents when sports biopics showed fake facts:-

Mary Kom

In the sports biopic Mary Kom it was showed that the son of Mary Kom gets operated at the time when Mary Kom was fighting the finale of World Championship. Mary was getting beaten because she couldn’t focus and was worried about her child, but in reality, her son gets operated when she returned to India after winning a gold medal from China.

Sorry Omung Kumar, you got it wrong this time.

Bhag Milkha Bhag

Bhag Milkha Bhag was a milestone in the history of Indian cinema, the biopic inspired millions to take up the sport, but Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra missed the potholes in some scenes and showed fake facts that never existed.

Mistake 1- Now you must know the movie was set in 1950 period, Farhan Akhtar was shown singing the song “Nanha munna rahi hu”, but the song from the movie “Son of India” was released in 1962.

Mistake 2- In the movie, the announcer of the final race announces the stadium name as “Kadafi stadium , but in real the final race happened in 1960 and those days the stadium was named as Lahore stadium.

In 1892, an over didn’t have 6 balls. But in Lagaan they did

Lagaan is one of the few movies that showed the intellect and brilliance of Indian cinema on international podium, but still, the movie has a major mistake, which no one noticed. As we know the movie was set during the period between 1892-1895 and during the movie each team gets 6 balls in an over, but in reality those days England, the inventor of cricket allowed only 5 balls per over.

As we say Even moon has dark spots.

MS Dhoni – The untold story

The movie was a picturesque portrayal of MS Dhoni illustrious career, but got it all wrong in Dhoni romantic life. In the movie it was shown Dhoni (Sushant Singh Rajput) met with Priyanka Jha (Disha Patni) in the flight when the team was going for ODI series against Pakistan to Vishakhapatnam in 2005.

But in reality, he was in a relationship with Priyanka during 2002, 2 years before Dhoni made his international debut.


Dangal is a great movie and inspired millions of girls across the globe to take up wrestling, even arch-nemesis China bowed to the craft and message of the movie. In the movie the character of national coach is seen as rigid, jealous and incapable of delivering the goods, the things went across the line when coach with vengeance locks up Mahaveer Phogat (Amir Khan) in the janitor room, while Geeta Phogat ( Sana Sheikh) was playing the final match to win the Commonwealth Gold.

But in reality, Mahaveer Phogat was present in the match and Geeta Phogat won the match convincingly in the first two rounds to last-minute third-round finish as shown in the movie.

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