25 Interesting Facts about Dominic Thiem



  1. Austrian Tennis Player “Dominic Thiem” considered as a great clay-court player which is apparent to Rafael Nadal (Current World Number 1 Player).
  2. Thiem triggers under pressure very quickly in the previous matches that he has faced however he was cool, calm and composed when he faced Nadal in the quarterfinal of Australian Open 2020.
  3. Behind Thomas Muster, he is the second-highest ranked Austrian player in History.
  4. We can definitely term this as an amazing comeback from Thiem as he lost to Nadal in the final of French Open in 2018 and 2019.
  5. Dominic also defeated Roger Federer in the final of Atp masters and clinched the title.
  6. He is an aggressive player and he relies mostly on single hand backhand.dominic thiem
  7. His parents were the tennis Coaches and the dream he saw of playing Tennis at a professional came from his parents.
  8. Thiem won three titles at Junior Competition at Dunlop Orange Bowl Tournament and that was held at three different places Plantation, Florida, United States of America.
  9. Thiem Junior carrier was ended with  115-33 record in singles and 49-32 in the doubles category.
  10. Thiem won three Atp titles in the year 2015.
  11. Let’s have a look at that his style of playing games i.e His ground-strokes are solid in both the wings, Heavy Forehand and Compact Backhand, etc.
  12. Due to compact backhand, he can handle a lot of High Bouncing Balls.
  13. In order to tackle his opponent and score against them, he relies mostly on his ground-stroke shots and that’s when he outlast his opponent and score huge points against them.
  14. He has beaten Rafael Nadal previously on four occasions on clay court surface and when you win against the best players of the world you do get a lot of confidence after that.
  15. His Tie Break win percentage speaks a lot about his mental setup.Thiem-13
  16. Let’s have a look at his win percentage at different open Australian Open (65 percent), French Open (80 percent), Wimbledon(45 percent), Us open (71 percent).
  17. Dominic Thiem becomes the accomplished player before the age of 23.
  18. He defeated David Goffin who accomplished a win against him in Australian open in the previous encounter.
  19. He finished his junior carrier title in 2011 by winning an Orange Bowl Title.
  20. Pictures on his Instagram handle were making rounds with a girl and his fans started raising questions and making speculation about that before the answer was finally given as the girl in the picture is former miss Austria 2016 Romana Exenberger.
  21. The notion was build-up when he met her at an award ceremony and that’s when they got connected with each other and develop a friendship with each other.
  22. Thiem operates his own Facebook page and he stated that “ It helps me to get in touch with my fans so the photos and videos that I post on all the social platform will inspire my fans to work hard and chase down there goal”.
  23. Thiem Girlfriend played a huge role in his growth and success.
  24. Currently, he is no 5 ranked player in Atp
  25. The highest-ranking that he has reached in Atp History was rank 4 to date.