10 Cricketers who Died on the Field

There is no sadder moment than a sportsperson losing his life on the ground. There has been numerous instances in Cricket, where cricketer lost their life due to grievous injury or faced some threatening injuries that shorten their international careers.

Here is a list of 10 players that died after getting seriously injured on the field:-

Philip Hughes 2014

Cricketers who Died on the Field

During a Sheffield Shield match between South Australia and New South Wales Philip Hughes was hit by a bouncer that led to concussion and the batter fell on the ground. After reaching the hospital the X-rays revealed that he suffered a fractured skull and massive bleeding in the brain.

2 days later he was declared dead at the Sydney hospital.

Darryn Randall (South Africa, 32) – 2013

Cricketers who Died on the Field

Darryn Randall was hit on the right side of the head while pulling a ball, the batter instantly fell on the ground and collapsed. He was immediately taken to the hospital, but was declared dead.

Zulfiqar Bhatti (Pakistan, 22) – 2013

Zulfiqar Bhatti was hit on the chest while batting during a domestic match and he instantly fell on the ground and was taken to the hospital. He was announced dead at the hospital.

Richard Beaumont (England, 33) – 2012

Cricketers who Died on the Field

Richard Beaumont fell on the ground after suffering a heart attack and was declared dead once he reached the hospital.

Wasim Raja (Pakistan, 54) – 2006

Wasim Raja

Pakistan cricketer Wasim Raja had a heart attack while playing for Surrey Over 50s in Buckinghamshire.

Raman Lamba (India, 38) – 1998

Raman Lamba

RamanLamba, a former India international cricketer known for hitting massive sixes and boundaries was hit on the head while fielding during a club match in Dhaka. The injury led to concussion and he went back to the dressing room and while sitting on the chair he went into coma, he was taken to the hospital and 3 days later was declared dead.

Ian Folley (England, 30) – 1993

Ian Folley

Ian Folley was hit by the ball below the eye accidentally while batting in a domestic match for Derbyshire against Workington and suffered a fatal heart attack in the hospital.

Wilf Slack (England, 34) – 1989

Wilf Slack

Will Slack was suffering from black outs in the last few matches, but he went on and played the domestic match in in Banjul, Gambia. During the match he collapsed and died, after carrying out different tests the actual cause of his death remains unknown.

Abdul Aziz (Pakistan, 18) – 1959

Like Zulfiqar Bhatti, Abdul Aziz was also hit on the chest while batting in a domestic match in Karachi and was declared dead at the nearby hospital.

George Summers (England, 25) – 1870

George Summers was hit on the head by the bouncer while batting for Nottinghamshire against the MCC at Lord’s. He didn’t take the injury seriously and returned home, but injury started worsening and he died 4 days later.

Andy Ducat (England, 56) – 1942

Andy Ducat suffered a heart attack during a match at Lord’s, he collapsed and was declared dead at the hospital.

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