Top 10 Cricket World Cup unforgettable fielding moments

World Cup unforgettable fielding:-  The world cup is one of the important tournaments, which is held in different locations once in 4 years. The tournament is participated from most of the reputed teams in the world and has seen tough battles among teams. The ICC cricket world cup started in 1975 and was hosted in England for the next three years. West Indies dominated the world of cricket back then with the help of some of the finest cricket players.

Here we show you some of the finest fielding moments happened over a course of time.

#1  Vivian Richards catches by Kapil Dev on 1973 Finals

World Cup unforgettable fielding

World Cup unforgettable fielding:-  West Indies were unbeatable in the 80s era of cricket. They had some of the deadly bowlers and attacking batsmen, who took teams for a ride on a regular basis. India is one of the underdogs in the cricket and managed to reach finals surprisingly. The team had a good balance in both batting and bowling departments, which was not enough to defeat defending champions. Kapil Dev took a stunner catch of Vivian Richards in the early stage of innings, which became a crucial turning point for India to win the match. Kapil leads the team and gave everything of his capabilities to manage the team and win the world cup.

#2  Sachin Tendulkar stumping India v Sri Lanka, Semi-final, World Cup 1996

World Cup unforgettable fielding:-  Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest batsmen in the world, which can be figured out even by an alien by looking at his career records. He was a threat to every team in the world during the 90s. The 1996 world cup was hosted by India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka together for the first time. Sachin Tendulkar was in a blistering form and it was crucial for Sri Lanka to pick his wicket in the early stages. The game was played in Calcutta and every fan was waiting for Sachin’s knock. Tendulkar was stumped from behind by Kaluvitharana, which was a shocking moment for the Indian team and fans. The game was declared defeated because the match was interrupted by the crowd because of Indian performance failure.

#3  Jonty Rhodes South Africa v Pakistan, Group Match, World Cup 1992

World Cup unforgettable fielding:-  Jonty Rhodes is a fine cricketer, who managed to score enough runs and save plenty of runs in the point position. The fielding era started with Jonty Rhodes, as he stood and completed unbelievable catches in the point position. Jonty Rhodes played a crucial role in a group match, which took place in the 1992 world cup in Australia. Rhodes flew to the wicket to pick Inzamam-Ul-Haq, who was little slow running between the wickets.

#4  Herschelle Gibbs dropped catch – Australia v South Africa, Super Six, World Cup 1999

Herschelle Gibbs is a dangerous batsman and a quick fielder for a long time for South Africa. South Africa had a great opportunity to lift the world cup in 1999, but it was Gibbs, who dropped the match against Australia. The dropped catch played a crucial part and went on to lose the place to the world cup final. It was a major error for a fabulous fielder like Herschelle Gibbs but had to accept the reality.

#5  Dwayne Leverock takes a stunner to dismiss Robin Uthappa

It is a known fact that there is a lot of demand for cricketers in many countries because they prefer competition in the world arena. Bermuda managed to find a place in the world cup and had a tough time playing against experienced teams. The 2007 world cup group game between India and Bermuda was a great match to watch because Dwayne Leverock took a stunner catch from the slip position. The player is known to have the less physical capability of moving around the field comfortably. Despite physical problems, he managed to fly and take a stunning catch of Robin Uthappa.

#6  Jonty Rhodes’ back-flip to dismiss Robert Croft

Jonty Rhodes is a perfect example for any youngster aspiring to become a cricketer. The player is known for his example for world cricket. The commitment level of fielding was set to a different standard across the world by looking at Jonty Rhodes performance. The backflip catch to dismiss Robert Croft amazed everybody when he completed the catch with the help of tip of fingers. It was believed to have lost, but Jonty manages to hold the ball till the end in an effective way.

#7  Venkatesh Prasad bowling to Aamir Sohail

The match between arch-rivals India and Pakistan is always interesting all the time. India has a unique record against Pakistan, where India has never lost in any world cup games till now. Pakistan has managed to win a world cup in both ODI and T20 formats but never won against India. Pakistan and India have faced each other in both group games and deciders and India has emerged as the winner. During the 1996 world cup in India, India faces Pakistan in the quarterfinals, which is also a decider. The initial phase of the Pakistan Innings starts with aggression from Aamir Sohail to Venkatesh Prasad. Prasad will have the last laugh by bowling the batsman out the next ball. The situation was so tensed that India manages to win the match out of the opponent’s pressure and effective bowling.

#8  Deryck Murray runs out Jeff Thomson to help West Indies clinch the 1975 World Cup

Deryck Murray is a Quality player, who always contributed to the West Indies during the 70s era. West Indies, England and Australia were the only teams, who had enough reputation to win competitive matches. Deryck Murray runs out Jeff Thomson of England, which became a crucial factor for the West Indies to lift the 1975 world cup.

#9  Sachin edge out in 2003 world cup finals

World Cup unforgettable fielding

It is a known fact that Sachin has always been a threat to opponents when he is in form. The 2003 world cup was one of the most remembered world cups till MS Dhoni lifted in the year 2011. The team was led by Sourav Ganguly and India reached the final first time after 1983 world cup. Australia was in a great form with the help of powerful strikers and bowlers in their side. They managed to strike a mammoth total of 349 runs in 50 overs, which was impractical to chase back then. There was great hope on Sachin from Indian Fans because he is an essential player to chase such a big total. Glenn McGrath removes Sachin Tendulkar in the first over, which de-motivated the entire team and eventually lost the finals against Australia.

#10  Virat Kohli was caught and Bowled by Dilshan

World Cup unforgettable fielding

Virat Kohli is one of the finest batsmen the world cricket has ever seen because of his skills and consistency. The Indian captain was young and energetic in 2011 world cup. Kohli showed great consistency all through the tournament, but finals were not entirely for him. Virat was dismissed by Tillakaratne Dilshan by taking a fabulous diving catch near the bowler’s end. The catch gave a lot of confidence to Sri Lanka because there were only a handful of batsmen to bang on.

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