World Cup Largest victories (By Wickets)

South Africa vs Bangladesh ( 2003 world cup)

World Cup Largest victories: One-sided matches have never been liked by the cricket fans and they are only been known for spoiling the whole fun of the cricket. Still, there have been numerous instances in a world cup when a particular team has secured the victory in a one-sided affair. Whilst this largely happens because of the participation by the minnow’s team or the associate nations, there have been times when even the biggest names have fell prey in the same process.


WinnerMarginBalls RemTargetOversOppositionGroundMatch Date
India10 wickets18112129.5v East AfricaLeeds11 Jun 1975
West Indies10 wickets8917245.1v ZimbabweBirmingham20 Jun 1983
West Indies10 wickets1922146.5v PakistanMelbourne23 Feb 1992
South Africa10 wickets17214121.2v KenyaPotchefstroom12 Feb 2003
Sri Lanka10 wickets17312521.1v BangladeshPietermaritzburg14 Feb 2003
South Africa10 wickets22810912.0v BangladeshBloemfontein22 Feb 2003
Australia10 wickets4910513.5v BangladeshNorth Sound31 Mar 2007
New Zealand10 wickets252708.0v KenyaChennai20 Feb 2011
New Zealand10 wickets9916333.3v ZimbabweAhmedabad4 Mar 2011
Pakistan10 wickets17511320.5v West IndiesDhaka23 Mar 2011
Sri Lanka10 wickets6323039.3v EnglandColombo (RPS)26 Mar 2011


#1. India vs East Africa (1975 world cup)

India was playing their first world cup and this was their only victory which came against the other debutant east African team. The east Africa team posted a target of 121 runs for the Indian boys and they easily managed to win the match by 10 wickets in the process.

#2. West Indies vs Zimbabwe (1983 world cup)

West Indies were the undisputed power in the world cup 1983 and they did everything right for their defense of the trophy until they lose the same to the Indian team. Still, it was one of their matches against the Zimbabwe team where they secured an easy victory by 10 wickets in a match played at Birmingham.

#3. West Indies vs Pakistan (1992 world cup)

Although Pakistan emerged as the world cup winners in the year 1992, they lost one of their crucial matches against the West Indies team in the process. The match was played at Melbourne and was Indies won by 10 wickets after chasing down the total of 221 runs set by the Pakistani team.

West Indies vs Pakistanimage source
#4. South Africa vs Kenya (2003 world cup)

World Cup Largest victories: South Africa was a team to beat in the 2003 world cup and they easily got victorious in the match against the Kenyan team at Potchefstroom. Kenya posted a total of 140 runs after batting first and the same got easily chased by the protean whilst securing them a 10 wickets victory in the process.

#5. Srilanka vs Bangladesh (2003 world cup)

Sri Lankan team played some extraordinary cricket in the world cup 2003 but they still couldn’t make it to the trophy in the process. Still, it was their one of the matches where they won easily against their Asian counterpart Bangladesh by 10 wickets in a match played at Pietermaritzburg. Bangladesh posted a total of 124 runs which was easily been chased by the Lankans with 10 wickets to spare.

#6. South Africa vs Bangladesh (2003 world cup)

World Cup Largest victories: The world cup 2003 has been held in South Africa and been the host, the protein was right up there as the best team in the process. Even though they didn’t get to win the trophy, they secured this outstanding win against the Bangladeshi team in a match played at Bloemfontein. The protests won by 10 wickets after chasing down a total of 109 runs.

South Africa vs Bangladesh ( 2003 world cup)image source
#7. Australia vs Bangladesh (2007 world cup)

Just like the 2003 world cup, the dominance of the Australian team stayed unchallenged in the world cup 2007 too and they won all the matches of their world cup campaign. This was one of them where they easily chased down a total of 105 runs without losing any single wicket in the process.

#8. New Zealand vs Kenya (2011 world cup)

The Kiwis have a history of some phenomenal performances in the world cup and they repeated the same in their clash against the Kenyan team at the world cup 2011. They were been set a paltry target of 70 runs by the Kenyan team which they easily got without losing any wicket in the process.

#9. New Zealand vs Zimbabwe (2011 world cup)

World Cup Largest victories: New Zealand kept on going with their brilliant run in the 2011 world cup and they secured their second victory by 10 wickets against the Zimbabwe team in a match held at the Ahmadabad stadium. They were been given a target of 163 runs by the Zimbabwe team which they easily achieved without losing any wicket.

#10. Pakistan vs West Indies (2011 world cup)

Pakistan has had a good world cup in 2011 until their winning run got ended by the Indian team in the semis. Meanwhile, they brought on a magical victory against the West Indies team by 10 wickets whilst been given a total of 113 to chase which they easily achieved with 10 wickets to spare.

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