World Cup 2023: After Afghanistan win how things looked at the Points Table?

World Cup 2023: After Afghanistan win how things looked at the Points Table?

An Ongoing Tournament:

As the World Cup 2023 unfolds, 34 out of the 48 scheduled matches have been played, each contributing its unique flair and excitement to this global cricketing extravaganza. The recent match between Afghanistan and the Netherlands saw the former emerging victorious, securing a win by 7 wickets, marking a significant moment in their World Cup journey.

Reshaping the Standings:

Following this triumph, Afghanistan has notably ascended in the points table, finding themselves seated at the 5th position. This surge in their ranking is a testament to the team’s resilience, skill, and strategic gameplay, demonstrating their capacity to compete at the highest level in the world of cricket.

Aiming for Semifinal Qualification:

At this crucial juncture, Afghanistan stands as a strong contender for a place in the semifinals of the World Cup 2023. The team’s recent performance has bolstered their position, igniting hope and anticipation among fans and analysts alike regarding their potential journey to the next stage of the tournament.

Strategic Prowess on Display:

The recent match against the Netherlands showcased Afghanistan’s prowess, not just in terms of securing a win, but in the manner in which they executed their game plan. Their comprehensive victory by 7 wickets underscores their command over the game, emphasizing their well-rounded capabilities in both batting and bowling.

Analyzing the Triumph:

The triumph against the Netherlands was a display of calculated strategies, precision, and teamwork exhibited by the Afghan team. Their ability to navigate pressure situations, capitalize on opponent weaknesses, and deliver a compelling performance underscores their potential as serious contenders in the World Cup.

Building Momentum and Confidence:

Afghanistan’s upward trajectory in the standings is not merely a reflection of their recent victory but a culmination of their consistent efforts throughout the tournament. This has not only solidified their position but also built a sense of momentum and confidence within the team, crucial elements for their quest to secure a spot in the semifinals

It will be interesting to see how will Join India for the remaining 3 places in the semifinal of the Marquee event.


As the World Cup 2023 progresses, Afghanistan’s rise in the rankings and their recent triumph against the Netherlands positions them as a force to be reckoned with in the tournament. Their journey has been a testament to their dedication, skill, and strategic gameplay, igniting hope and anticipation among their fans as they set their sights on the coveted semifinal spot. With each match, Afghanistan continues to script their narrative, aiming to etch their mark in the annals of cricketing history.