World Cup 2023: 7 Wins in 7 Games for India is this India’s World Cup?

World Cup 2023: 7 Wins in 7 Games for India is this India's World Cup?

7 wins in 7 matches. India’s performance in the World Cup 2023 has been remarkable thus far. Rohit and company are seemingly unbeaten. Even strong teams like Australia, England, and New Zealand could not stand in front of Team India. India has performed tremendously on every front. But it is very well said that no matter how well you perform, there is always scope for improvement and same goes with team India too.

After registering their biggest win against Sri Lanka, team India looks invincible. India restricted Sri Lanka to 55-10 and beat them by 302 runs. With this win, Rohit Sharma lead team has become the first to qualify for semifinals. So far we have only seen strength in team India, overlooking the possible areas which need to be addressed. Let’s analyse them as we proceed through the article.

The squad has exceptional bowlers, no doubt but the absence of all rounder Hardik Pandya has affected the depth of the batting lineup not to mention it has reduced one fine bowler too. India’s batting order weakens significantly after the seventh spot.

Although the players are in fabulous form, some batsmen can be seen as weak links, first one being Shubhman Gill. Gill did perform well against Sri Lanka, but after catching dengue, his health as well as performance has been affected. Iyer has also been inconsistent. Jadeja is delivering well with the ball but has represented poor batting form. The middle order hasn’t been tested and inconsistencies can be seen.

It is also observed that India choke on high profile ODI’s. Despite performing well in league stage matches, the mental pressure gets the best of the team in knockouts. India lost the 2015 World Cup semi-final to Australia, the Champions Trophy final to Pakistan in 2017, and the 2019 World Cup semi-final to New Zealand. We can only hope that the same is not repeated this time too.