Watch: Prithvi Shaw involve in ugly spat with a girl, fight involved baseball attack

Prithvi Shaw

Prithvi Shaw’s situation is becoming worse after a recent video of him arguing with fans after denying taking pictures went viral on social media.

According to reports in various media outlets, a police investigation has been opened against eight people who participated in the ugly brat with Shaw. In the video that went viral, it can be seen that the Prithvi shaw is involved in ugly spat with women.

Based on reports from different media sources, baseball bat has been used in the fight.

Prithvi Shaw and his friends are accused of beating a group of friends who came to them first.

Another story is making the rounds in various media outlets. A fight broke out when a group of people approached Shaw for a selfie, which he declined to take, and after that there was an altercation before they entered the club to party.

The conflict flared up once more as one group of people waited for Shaw to leave the club.

Big Breaking: Prithvi Shaw’s friend car attacked after cricketer denied to take selfie with fans in Mumbai

The video immediately became popular on social media and due to controversy following him around, Prithvi Shaw’s career has taken a hit.

Despite being recently selected for India’s T20I format, he was denied the chance.

He might not be given the opportunity to play for India again due to this incident.

Shaw was previously hailed as a “Once in a Generational Talent,” yet given how his life has turned out. His cricket career might suffer as a result.