Valorant India Invitational Day 2 Match 3 Global Esports’ outstanding win keep their Semi-final hopes alive

Valorant India Invitational Global Esports Vs. Bleed Esports

Bleed Esports have been able to maintain a 100% win record by winning 2 out of their 2 matches in Valorant India Invitational. No team till now have been able to register three victories but Bleed have the confidence as well as the momentum to do so. In their 3rd match they are going to be competing against Indian representatives led by Skrossi Global Esports.

Global Esports went toe-to-toe with Paper Rex in their previous match yesterday but could not walk away with a win. If they want to qualify for the Semis, Global Esports will have to win this match. Haven was chosen as the map to play this match. Global’s team consists of Skrossi, Lightningfast, Kappa, HellrangeR and Skillz while Bleed have players like sScary, Crazyguy, Juicy, Retia and Deryeon.

The crowd sounds really energetic and they are backing Global Esports through impressive chants. Thanks to the support from the fans and their efficiency, Global esports took the lead in the first round to make it 1:0. Even in the following round, the energy did not lower as Global doubled their lead against a side that has won two games in a row.

However, Global did not hold back Bleed for much time as they won the third round to make it 2:1. In the next round, Skillz was the only player remaining after the rest 4 got eliminated but while defusing the bomb, Bleed Esports made it 2:2. But Skrossi’s side are here for a fight and they won the next round to make it 3:2.

But don’t count Bleed Esports out as they are leveling it up with Global constantly with the score line looking equal at 3:3. Global Esports are confident and have momentum on their side and they have taken the lead in the 7th round by 4:3. Outstanding defense there by Global and skrossi in particular is looking really impressive, its 5:3.

Global Esports are making a name for themselves already against a side that is yet to lose a match. Another win in this round takes the score line to 6:3 with Bleed finding a way to come back in order to turn it around. Wow just Wow, Global esports are running away with the match and the mood inside GMR Arena has changed all of sudden as Global are up by 7:3.

Bleed esports are unable to answer the questions asked by Rossi and co. Man Oh man this is truly unbelievable what a splendid performance to further solidify the lead by 8:3. By the half-time Bleed did gain a point to make it 8:4. As soon as the second-half resumed Bleed recollected themselves and cut the gap short by 8-5.

The following round saw Bleed perform a flawless round to win the round and make it 6 for them. Bleed are not ready to let them get away with a win and they are chasing Global neck by neck and the gap is now only of a point – 8:7. Another Flawless defense by Bleed to make the score line equal by 8:8.

Skillz need to stand up alongside Skrossi if they are to take GE over the line. And that is what they exactly did as the score line is now at 9:8. What an amazing game it is turning out to be for Indian side as they are now just 3 points away from winning the game and it will also keep their semi-final hopes alive.

Rossi’s side has kept their composure in tact alongside a methodical approach. Who would have thought of a performance like this by an Indian side. If GE wins they will become the first Indian side to register a win during Valorant India Invitational. They are really close to do that as the score line is now at 11:8.

Bleed are under pressure and it is unlikely for them to keep their 100% win record. But the next round was extremely strategic by Bleed as they are now 2 points off Global with 9 points to 11. Global Esports team has really set the Arena on fire through an amazing run of play as they change the score line to 12:9.

MVP of the match

One round win and they will seal the win the game but Bleed have now reached double figures and makes it 12:10 with GE taking a Technical pause. This is really one of the best matches in Valorant India Invitational and Global esports did what Paper Rex couldn’t do that is winning 13 rounds before.

Final score line was 13-10.