Tundra Places Key Player on Inactive Roster in Preparation for TI12 Title Defense in Dota 2

Dota 2.

Tundra Esports is making changes to its Dota 2 team. They are putting Saksa on a break due to health problems, and this move isn’t a big surprise because Saksa had health issues before. Even though they are the reigning champions, it’s unusual for them to change their lineup before defending their title.

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Saksa joined Tundra in February last year, and they had a so-so regular season but won TI11 with ease. Tundra did well in other tournaments this year, even using their coach Aui_2000 when Saksa couldn’t play due to health problems.

Saksa might come back in the future, but for now, it seems unlikely he’ll be at TI12. Tundra will need a replacement player for events leading up to TI12.

People started guessing about this change back in August when Nine, one of their players, started playing a different position. This might mean that Topson, who didn’t play in the qualifiers, could join Tundra for TI12.

Tundra Esports has decided to shake up their Dota 2 roster by placing Saksa on the bench due to undisclosed health issues as they gear up for The International 12. This decision, while not entirely unexpected given Saksa’s ongoing health problems since June, is noteworthy because it’s rare to see a reigning TI champion making such a move ahead of defending their title.

Saksa joined Tundra in February, following a controversial decision to remove the team’s captain and founder, Fata. Despite a mediocre regular season, Tundra delivered an exceptional performance at TI11, dominating the playoffs and clinching the Aegis of Champions.

While Saksa’s hiatus doesn’t imply a permanent departure from the active roster, it does mean that Tundra will need to find a stand-in player for upcoming tournaments like DreamLeague Season 21 as they prepare for TI12. Speculation has been brewing since August when Nine, a Tundra player, started playing in a different position. This could hint at the possibility of Topson joining the team for TI12, especially after he skipped the qualifiers this year.