Trio of Sai Kishore, Vijay Shankar and Anirudh Takes Tamizhans To Victory

Vijay Shankar

TNPL is getting more exciting with each and every match. The recent match of ITT vs TRICHY was certainly full of sixes and fours. In this match, expectations were able to see over 350 runs scored in 40 overs. This match was certainly not in the favor of the bowlers. That is because the batters showcased their full potential.

In the end, ITT went on to win the match without any issue. They were able to win by a huge margin of 46 runs. However, this win would have been totally incomplete without the effort of Sai Kishore, Vijay Shankar, and Anirudh, because this trio took the Tamizhans to victory. 


Performance of the Trio and Key Moment of the Match

The trio did really well, and there were several important moments in the match. The bowling tactics of TRICHY didn’t work against the trio at all. You can read the further highlights below. 

  • ITT batted first but they didn’t get a good start. The opening partnership was only 17 runs. 
  • The second-wicket partnership took the score to 113. It mainly happened because of the score of the 50 of Sai Kishore. 
  • Later on, Vijay Shankar went on to get a quick 31 runs on only 18 balls. In this inning, he managed to hit 2 sixes. 
  • In the end, the most special knock was played by Anirudh to take the team total to 201 runs. He scored 51 off only 25 balls. He was able to hit 8 fours and 6 sixes. That was certainly a great way to finish 20 overs.
  • In the next inning, bowlers of the ITT ensured that the batters of the opponent would not be able to settle down. 
  • In 20 overs TRICHY only scored 155 runs. 

So, now you know the contribution of the trio in the victory of ITT. So, let’s see at the end who wins the tournament.