Top 5 Batters with most runs in Asia Cup (ODI)

Asia Cup

Asia Cup is like a mini World Cup for all the teams from Asia. That is how much importance it has for the fans of the subcontinent. Now it is going to be interesting to see if this that which team is going to win the Asia Cup this year. That is because all the teams are competitive and they all have some strengths and weaknesses. But at the same time this is clear that since the beginning of the Asia Cup tournament, batters have played an important role for the team. Some of them have scored a huge number of runs in this tournament. Some of them are from India, and some of the batters are from other countries. You can read the information below for that. 

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Batters with most runs in Asia Cup (ODI)

You can see the list of the most batters in the history of the Asia Cup. These batters ensured that they consistently performed well for their team to make them win the matches. At the same time They have also got a number of centuries and fifties. You can go through the details, and information below to know the top five batters with the most number of runs in the history of the Asia Cup. 

Sanath Jayasuriya 

Sanath Jayasuriya was regarded as the most dangerous batter of his time. He scored over 13,000 runs in his ODI career. That was definitely a huge amount of runs he got. In the history of the Asia Cup, he has got the most number of runs as a batter. That is 1220 runs, which shows the amount of impact he created in this tournament. He went on to score 6 centuries in his Asia Cup career. 

Kumar Sangakkara 

The next batter in the list of most runs in the Asia Cup is also a Sri Lankan batter. Kumar Sangakkara was able to score 1075 runs in the 24 games he played in this tournament. He got 4 centuries in this tournament, and even 8 half-centuries. That shows that in every second game, he was making a 50 or more score for the team. This is truly phenomenal. There is no doubt that the left-handers have shown a brilliant performance in the Asia Cup. 

Sachin Tendulkar 

The God of Cricket is also in the list of the highest scorers. He has ensured that he gets the best for the team. That is the reason he scored 971 runs in 23 matches. He missed the 1000 runs club of the Asia Cup, but still managed to score with the average of 51.10 runs. 

Rohit Sharma 

Hitman has been brilliant in the Asia Cup too. He scored 830 runs in 24 matches. He is averaging very well, and that is 48.82. He got his highest score of 111 in this tournament against Pakistan. 

Shoaib Malik 

From Pakistan, Shoaib Malik has been the best performer. He has scored 786 runs in only 17 matches he has played. His average is phenomenal, which is 65.50 with a strike rate of 90.65. 

So, who do you think is going to be the next player on the list?