Sumit Nagal aims to be in top 100 in three months with eyes set on Tokyo Olympics


The feat of winning the set at the US Open against giants like Roger Federer has given a lot of confidence to Sumit Nagal. Due to this confidence, Sumit Nagal feels that his aim to play in the Olympics is no more a distant dream. According to Nagal, in 2016, he could not even think about playing the Olympics, but today the situation is completely different.

According to Nagal, he can qualify for the Olympics. This is the reason why he has set a goal of getting into the top 100 for himself in the next three months, but for this, he needs a team of professional experts. With the help of the Virat Kohli Foundation and Indian Oil, Sumit is able to take the only coach Sasha Nensal with him.sumity-nagpal-breaking-into-top-100

Sumit has trainer Milos Galeshich in addition to coach Sasha but cannot afford to keep both of them in the tournament due to less money. According to Sumit, the first challenge before him is to take both his coaches with him together at international tournaments. Secondly, Sumit also wants to add a physio with his team. He said, if he gets a sponsor, he will contract a Physio.

sumit-nagal-top-100-rankingSumit, however, said that these are just secondary things and his first attempt will be to break into the top 100. Following this Sumit says he will have to come in the top 80 to qualify for the Olympics. Sumit Nagal is currently ranked 131. Sumit dream to qualify for Olympics and break into the top 100 is still 200 to 250 points away. The good thing is that Sumit is not very far away from his dream but all his work has to be done by June this year. Currently, Sumit is getting ready to play Maharashtra Open in Pune. He is also scheduled to play Challenger in Bangalore.

Sumit suffered a loss in the Australian Open qualifiers. According to Sumit, he fell ill in late December. Due to which he could not practice for a few days and do not play any tournament for eight-nine weeks. Due to illness, he had to withdraw from a Challenger tournament before the Australian Open. Now he is feeling fine.