Sri Lanka’s role as host country in past Asia Cup Tournaments

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Sri Lanka has played a crucial role as the host country in several past Asia Cup tournaments. Being an island nation in Asian Continental, Sri Lanka also has a vibrant cricketing culture like India and Pakistan and has been a favoured destination for international cricket events.

The Asia Cup, a biennial tournament featuring teams across Asia, has successfully witnessed Sri Lanka hosting the tournament four times in 1986, 1997, 2004 and 2010, followed by Bangladesh six times.

Asia Cup 1986

One notable instance of Sri Lanka hosting the Asia Cup was in 1986. This was Asia Cup’s second edition, and Sri Lanka was hosting this season for the first time. However, India did not participate in this season due to political tension.

Sri Lanka performed exceptionally well in the tournament and reached the finals, where they faced Pakistan. Despite a valiant effort, Pakistan lost to Sri Lanka in a thrilling contest. However, the game also favoured Sri Lanka to showcase its capabilities as a host country.

Asia Cup 1997

In 1997, Sri Lanka once again hosted the Asia Cup. Sri Lanka performed in this tournament, going undefeated throughout and nailing down the Indian championship in the final. The tournament’s success highlighted Sri Lanka’s ability to organize and execute a major cricket event.

Asia Cup 2004

Another notable instance of Sri Lanka hosting the Asia Cup was in 2004. This tournament edition was particularly significant as it marked the return of international cricket to Sri Lanka after a period of turmoil due to the civil war.

The tournament was hosted by Sri Lanka again, and again Lanka reached the final, facing off against India. In an exciting encounter, Sri Lanka emerged victorious and claimed their third Asia Cup title. The success after the civil war under challenging circumstances demonstrated Sri Lanka’s resilience and determination.

Asia Cup 2010

Sri Lanka hosted the Asia Cup for the fourth and last time in 2010. This edition witnessed closely contested matches and saw Sri Lanka reaching the final for the sixth time in the tournament’s history. However, they fell short against a strong Indian side and finished as runners-up.


Sri Lanka has the second-highest finals in the Asia Cup after India. India has won the Asia Cup title 7 times and Lanka 6 times. Sri Lanka’s role as a host country in the past Asia Cup tournaments has been appreciable.

The country’s cricket, passionate fans, and rich cultural heritage have made it an ideal destination for cricketing events. Through successful and memorable performances, Sri Lanka has left an impact multiple times on Asia Cup as a host country that will last for centuries.