Ravichandran Ashwin brings a new twist to ‘mankading saga’, suggests free balls as substitute


There is no denying that ‘Ashwin mankading Buttler’ in 2019 led to one of the biggest controversies in the history of IPL. This incident happened in the fourth match of the 2019 IPL, where Ashwin mankaded Buttler after he left the crease before the ball was delivered. It led to a widespread controversy as the cricket world was divided into two sides.

Recently, Delhi Capital’s head coach, Ricky Ponting too expressed his displeasure over Ashwin’s act and said that he will have a one-to-one conversation with him regarding the same. 

I’ll be having a chat with him about (Mankading), that’s the first thing I’ll do. That is going to be a hard conversation I will have with him. I think, even him, looking back now, probably he’d say it was within the rules and he’s right to do it.” Ponting told on The Grade Cricketer Podcast.

 “This is not within the spirit of the game, not in the way I want, at least with the Delhi Capitals anyway,” said the former Australian skipper.

Make it a free ball for the bowler. If the batsman gets out of that ball, the batting team will be docked 5 runs: Ravi Ashwin

The Indian spinner has now come up with a suggestion, urging the lawmakers to introduce a free ball for the bowler. 

Make it a free ball for the bowler. If the batsmen get out of that ball, the batting side will be docked 5 runs. Free hit adds to the drama for a batter, let’s give a chance to the bowlers too. As of now, everyone watches the game hoping that ‘the bowlers will get smacked today’,” Ravichandran Ashwin tweeted.


Having led Kings Eleven Punjab for last two seasons in IPL, Ravichandran Ashwin will be seen donning a new jersey in Delhi Capital in the upcoming edition. He would be hopeful to come with good performances for the franchise. 


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