Pro League Season 1: All you need to know about S8UL Esports, Overview, Achievements and Live Streaming in detail

S8UL Esports

Esports have made great progress, and the ecosystem as a whole is now seen differently around the world. This fundamental paradigm shift may be attributed to all stakeholders, supporters, and organisers because they put in a lot of effort to make this entity a success.

Esportzcraazy is taking another step to advance esports by hosting the prestigious event “Pro League Season 1 for New State Mobile Event,” where the competition will be conducted virtually beginning on February 14, 2023.

Here in this article, we will reveal all the important details about Esports team ”S8UL Esports” who will compete in the upcoming competetion. Let me share all the information about them in the below format.

Overview : A collaboration between Squad SouL and 8bit has resulted in the creation of the Indian esports team S8ul Esports.

Additionally, S8ul competes in esports events for distinct games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Free Fire.

Facts : January – Joins SuperFan
January 20th – DEATH joins from Reckoning Esports.
March 10th – JOKOs joins from HEROES OFFICIAL.
March 16th – Team Vitality acquires the roster of S8UL Esports.

Location : Navi Mumbai

Team Owner : Lokesh Jain

Achievements : With their extensive past track records, S8UL Esports has backed 1st position in Goodgame1’s weekend wars held in 2020-12-13.

Star Players : Monk, Moonscope

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