Popular Esports Game Fortnite has been added to Olympic Esports Week 2023

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“Fortnite” has been introduced as a another Game in the upcoming Olympic Esports Week.

With the help of the International Sports Federation, the game will be included.

Fortnite will be a part of the next Esports Week, which will be organized by the International Olympic Committee and Singapore National Olympic Council.

The organizers involved in Olympic Esports week have decided to feature the game of Fortnite which have become the most popular “Battle Royale” game and the organizers have created ” ISSF sport shooting island” which is virtual designed platform focused on Sports shooting.

Based on reports in different media outlets, 12 Players will compete against each other in Fortnite Champion(Series) will take part in distinct shooting events.

“the island is made to reflect sport shooting competition, and will put the target-aiming accuracy of sharpshooters to the test.”

The other important aspect related to Fortnite game is related to its experience and another significant reason behind the game’s popularity is in reference to Powerful Tools.

They include variety of games including the likes of Just Dance, Grand Turismo, Tennis Clash and Virtual Regatta.

The selection of games included in Olympic Esports week received widespread criticism from different section of Journalist on social media.

Esports is flourishing at India, and the only thing stakeholders need to maintain is to recognize as an official Federation who can chartered the rules and make sure that proper framework should be formed so that the fastest sporting ecosystem can prevail.

Currently there are two federation including the likes of Federation of Esports Association of India(FEAI) and Esports Association of India(ESFI) keeps on sharing rules related to Esports industry but due to non recognition of board clarity lacks at the top.