Points Table of Ranji Trophy 2019/20 after Round 4

The round 4 of the 2019/20 season saw 11 matches getting outright results while 7 matches were decided on first innings.

From 18 teams combined from Group A and Group B, the top five teams will qualify for the quarterfinals. In Group C, the top two teams with the greatest number of points would reach the knockout stage.

In the Plate Group, the top team will qualify for the knockout stage. Group A saw Hyderabad defeat Kerala by 6 wickets, Andhra Pradesh cruise to an easy 6 wicket win over Rajasthan, the rest 2 matches between Punjab- Delhi, and Bengal- Gujarat came with first-innings lead.

Karnataka defeated Mumbai by 5 wickets to earn 6 points, Baroda defeat Railways by 99 runs. The match between Tamil Nadu- Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh was decided on first-innings lead.

In Group C matches, Assam, Services, Jammu and Kashmir won their respective matches by an innings. The match between Tripura and Odisha was decided on first-innings lead, while Haryana defeated Chhattisgarh by 89 runs.

The Plate Group matches saw Puducherry, Goa, Bihar winning them in contrasting styles Chandigarh- Nagaland, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh were based on first innings.

Here we look the points table of Ranji Trophy after Round 4

Group A and Group B

  1. Punjab- 18 points
  2. Karnataka- 16 points
  3. Andhra Pradesh-14 points
  4. Gujarat-13 points
  5. Saurashtra-13 points
  6. Baroda-12 points
  7. Bengal-12 points
  8. Vidarbha-11 points
  9. Uttar Pradesh-10 points
  10. Railways-10 points
  11. Himachal Pradesh-10 points
  12. Delhi-10 points
  13. Mumbai- 6 points
  14. Hyderabad- 6 points
  15. Madhya Pradesh-6 points
  16. Tamil Nadu-4 points
  17. Kerala-3 points
  18. Rajasthan-0 points

Group C

  1. Odisha-22 points
  2. Haryana-21 points
  3. Jammu Kashmir-20 points
  4. Jharkhand-16 points
  5. Services-14 points
  6. Assam-11 points
  7. Chhattisgarh-8 points
  8. Maharashtra-3 points
  9. Tripura-3 points
  10. Uttarakhand- 0 points

Plate Group

  1. Pudducherry-27 points
  2. Goa-23 points
  3. Chandigarh-20 points
  4. Nagaland-14 points
  5. Manipur-12 points
  6. Bihar- 8 points
  7. Meghalaya-6 points
  8. Mizoram-3 points
  9. Sikkim-3 points
  10. Arunachal Pradesh- 2 points

The 5th round matches will begin from 11th January onwards.