Pat Cummins Aims to return in ODIs Following Wrist Injury

Pat Cummins

Australian cricket’s Test and ODI captain, Pat Cummins, is setting his sights on a comeback during the India series as he recuperates from a wrist injury that sidelined him for the South Africa tour. While he won’t participate in the T20Is or ODIs in South Africa, he plans to join the team for the latter part of the tour.

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Cummins expressed the progression of his injury, sharing, “It hurt initially, but I didn’t think it was serious. However, the discomfort increased each day, indicating a bone issue rather than muscle.”

The seasoned fast bowler anticipates being fully fit for the upcoming ODIs, aiming to play a pivotal role in the build-up to the World Cup. He emphasized, “Another few weeks and it’ll be right.”

Amidst speculation of a potential change in white-ball captaincy after the World Cup, Cummins revealed his focus on Test cricket. Mitchell Marsh, the newly appointed T20I captain, could potentially lead the 50-over side in Cummins’ absence.

Cummins’ stance on the matter is pragmatic, stating, “We’ll assess post the World Cup. We have viable options. (Marsh) stands out, especially if he continues with T20 captaincy.”

Cummins lauded Marsh’s remarkable return to the national team, highlighting his leadership qualities and energy. He remarked, “Marsh is a key team player, an on-field risk-taker, and an off-field motivator. His infectious energy and camaraderie make him a valued asset.”

In Cummins’ absence, the Australian team’s focus remains on the South Africa tour, with Mitchell Marsh at the helm for the T20Is. Cummins’ anticipated return for the India ODIs is pivotal for the team’s preparations for the impending World Cup.

The Australia-India series offers Cummins a platform to reclaim his role and contribute to the team’s white-ball endeavors. His determination to recover swiftly underscores his commitment to the game and the national team’s aspirations.

As the cricket world eagerly awaits Cummins’ return, his comeback in the India ODIs could potentially mark a turning point, both for his personal journey post-injury and for Australia’s prospects in the ODI arena.