Pakistan Cricket Team Relishes Kolkata’s Culinary Delights Amidst World Cup Struggles

PAK vs BAN, World Cup 2023

In a bid to savour a slice of Kolkata’s rich culinary heritage, Pakistan’s cricket team, led by captain Babar Azam, decided to break the monotony of their cricketing routine and indulge in the flavours of the City of Joy. Ahead of their ODI World Cup 2023 clash against Bangladesh at the iconic Eden Gardens Stadium, the ‘Men in Green’ traded their dinner at the team hotel for a delightful feast from Kolkata’s famous Zam Zam Restaurant.

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The team’s food adventure occurred on Sunday when they ordered a sumptuous spread of biryani, kebabs, and chap through an online food delivery platform. Shadman Faize, the Director of Zam Zam Restaurant, initially had no inkling that the order was placed by the Pakistan cricket team, but he later discovered the high-profile clientele.

Kolkata, renowned for its delectable biryani, boasts a distinct style of the dish that has earned international acclaim. Shadman Faize, while reflecting on the order, emphasized the city’s unique culinary culture and extended an invitation to people from all nationalities to experience Kolkata’s famous biryani.

“The order came through an online food delivery platform. They ordered three dishes which were biryani, kebabs, and chap. They ordered it on Sunday evening after 7 PM. Initially, we had no idea that the order was from the Pakistan cricket team, but later we got to know it. I hope they liked the food. People from every nationality should come and try our food. Kolkata has its own style of biryani, which is very famous all over the world,” Shadman said.

While the Pakistan cricket team’s culinary adventure might have been an attempt to savour the local flavours and perhaps ease some of the pressures associated with their World Cup campaign, their dietary habits have recently come under scrutiny. Notably, former Pakistani pacer and legendary skipper, Wasim Akram, expressed his concerns about the team’s fitness levels, following their loss to Afghanistan.

Akram’s criticism was particularly sharp as he questioned the players’ fitness and suggested that they appeared to be indulging in excessive meat consumption. In a post-match show on a Pakistan-based sports channel, Akram remarked, “Just look at the fitness levels of our players. We have been screaming here for the past three weeks that they haven’t been through fitness tests in the last two years. Now should I name them individually, their faces are getting broader. Lagta hai roz 8 kilo nihari khate hain (Seems like they are eating 8 kilos of meat every day). There should be some test; you are being paid for playing for your country, and there has to be a certain criterion.”

As the Pakistan cricket team finds itself virtually ruled out of making further progress in the World Cup, occupying the 7th position in the points table with 4 losses and one win, their performance and preparations are under intense scrutiny. While the culinary excursion in Kolkata was a delightful diversion, the team must focus on addressing the on-field challenges to regain their lost momentum and pride in the remainder of the tournament. The cricketing world watches with anticipation as the ‘Men in Green’ take on Bangladesh, hoping for a memorable contest on the hallowed grounds of Eden Gardens.