No Sympathy For Shakib Whatsoever: Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughan: The former England captain, Michael Vaughan, has refused to offer any sympathy to Shakib Al Hasan for the 2-year ban he has had to suffer.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) imposed a 2-year ban on Shakib Al Hasan today as he didn’t report the match fixing approaches made to him to the concerned authorities.

Shakib, however, will have to serve only half of the ban as the other half was suspended by the ICC on the account of the player admitting his fault straightaway.

Not only will Shakib have to stay away from international cricket during this period, he can’t participate in the T20 leagues either. The all-rounder will be eligible to play professional cricket again in October next year.

At 32 years of age, it’s going to be quite a challenge for Shakib to make a successful comeback after having to stay away from the scene for one full year.

Shakib can take heart from the fact that the Australian duo of Steve Smith and David Warner recently came back emphatically after serving their one-year ban.

But, Smith and Warner, unlike Shakib, were free to play league cricket in the meantime which kept them in the groove.

Many people on social media are sympathetic towards Shakib Al Hasan as they believe he didn’t do anything wrong. Amidst that, Vaughan has used strong words for the former Bangladesh captain.

According to Vaughan, the cricketers are provided proper counselling these days and they have a clear idea of what must be forwarded to the officials without any delay. Despite that, if somebody decides not to forward it, he deserves the punishment.

Vaughan put out a tweet after Shakib’s ban was announced by the ICC in a media release. Vaughan insisted that the ban should actually have been of more than two years.

Here is Vaughan’s tweet –

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