NBA All-Stars game 2020: Rosters & Team Reserves, New Format introduced & other major details -

NBA All-Stars game 2020: Rosters & Team Reserves, New Format introduced & other major details

The NBA had announced the teams for the 2020 NBA All-Star game last week from the respective Conferences. Eastern Conference will be led by Giannis Antetokounmpo while LeBron James will be leading the Western Conference in All-Star game to be played on 17th February 2020. 

NBA has now released the list of the starters & All-star reserves of both the conferences which is as follows:

Eastern Conference All-Stars Starters:Eastern Conference starters

Players Teams
Giannis Antetokounmpo (Captain) Milwaukee Bucks
Pascal Siakam Toronto Raptors
Kemba Walker Boston Celtics
Joel Embiid Philadelphia 76ers
Trae Young Atlanta Hawks

Eastern Conference All-Stars Reserves:

Players Teams
Jimmy Butler Miami Heat
Ben Simmons Philadelphia 76ers
Khris Middleton Milwaukee Bucks
Domantas Sabonis Indiana Pacers
Jayson Tatum Boston Celtics
Kyle Lowry Toronto Raptors
Bam Adebayo Miami Heat

Western Conference All-Stars Starters:Western Conference starters

Players Teams
LeBron James (Captain) Los Angeles Lakers
Anthony Davis  Los Angeles Lakers
Luka Doncic Dallas Mavericks
James Harden Houston Rockets
Kawhi Leonard Los Angeles Clippers

Western Conference All-Stars Reserves:

Players Teams
Russell Westbrook Houston Rockets
Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers
Donovan Mitchell Utah Jazz
Rudy Gobert Utah Jazz
Chris Paul Oklahoma City Thunder
Nikola Jokic Denver Nuggets
Brandon Ingram New Orleans Pelicans


The following players have been voted by the fans, and Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James and Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo are leading the list of 10 players to be adjudged the skippers of the respective all star reserves

The 2020 NBA All-star Draft will be held on February 6 where the captains of both the conferences will get to pick among the eight players from the starter pool in the First Round, followed by all the 14 players from the reserve pool in the Second Round of the Draft. As LeBron James got more votes than Giannis, he will get to pick the players in the First Round, followed by Giannis who will be picking the players in the second round, ahead of James. The selection will be done regardless of the player’s conference or position.

Glimpse of the Players selected for the All-stars Starter Pool:

Eastern Conference:

  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo- Milwaukee Bucks Forward has been roped in the as the All-Star starter for the fourth time consecutively, and also the skipper of the Eastern Conference for the second year consecutively.
  2. Pascal Siakam- Toronto Raptors’ Power Forward has made into the All-stars starter pool for the 1st time in his career. Siakam was the recipient of the NBA most improved player award in the 2018-19 season.
  3. Joel Embiid- The Centre player of Philadelphia 76ers has been named as the All-Stars starter for the 3rd time in his career. In fact, he is the first Philadelphia player to be roped in as the All-stars starter for three consecutive years.
  4. Trae Young- The young guard from Atlanta Hawks has been selected as the All-Stars starter for the first time in his career. His dynamic and skills earned him his 1st All-stars inclusion in just his second season of playing in NBA.
  5. Kemba Walker- The guard from the Boston Celtics has been named as All-Stars starter for the 4th time in his NBA career. He is currently averaging 22 points per game and is one of the mains of the Celtics.

Western Conference:

  1. Luka Doncic- Dallas Mavericks’ guard has become the youngest European player to feature in the All-Stars game and also one of the youngest players in the history of NBA to play in the All-stars game at 20 years or younger. This is his 1st ever All-stars inclusion.
  2. Lebron James- This is Lebron James’s 16th All-Star inclusion in a row, starting from the second season of his career. James has also scored the most points in the all-star game with 361 points. He will be leading the Western Conference team.
  3. Kawhi Leonard- This is Leonard’s 4th All-stars selection and all the four times he has been named as the starter. Playing for the Clippers this year, Kawhi now becomes the 7th player in the NBA history to be included in the All-stars starters games to represent three different teams.
  4. James Harden- James Harden has been included in the All-stars game starters for the 8th time in his NBA career playing for the Houston Rockets.
  5. Anthony Davis- The Lakers’ Power Forward has been named as the All-Stars starter for the seventh time in a row. He has been leading the Lakers all the way from the front along with Lebron James this season.
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