La Liga suspended for two weeks as Los Blancos’ basketball players go for self isolation

la liga suspended of coronovirus

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Real Madrid squad were told to self-isolate and therefore the Spanish top-flight league of football, LaLiga has been suspended for the next two weeks or a fortnight.

This postponement of football games have come after the sister club of Real Madrid or the basketball wing of Real Madrid have said that one of their players have tested positive for the COVID-19. As a safety measure, all the Real Madrid players have been placed in the isolation or quarantine.

Confirming the news and providing the official update on these matters, the league released the statement which contains the suspension order for the next two matchdays or in short next two game weeks.

real madrid quarantined

The statement read:

LaLiga has decided given the circumstances that have come to light this morning, such as the quarantine put in place at Real Madrid and possible cases at other clubs, to continue with the next phase of the protocol of action against COVID-19.

In accordance with measures established in the Royal Decree 664/1997 of May 12, it has ben agreed that the competition will be suspended for the next two matchdays.”

The La Liga statement also read that the decision of postponing the games will be re-looked after the quarantine process ends by the affected the clubs. It also said that alternative solutions are also being looked upon to ensure the smooth passage of things in the sporting arena.

“Said decision will be re-evaluated after the completion of the quarantines undertaken in the affected clubs and in other possible situations that may arise.”

Further action has now been taken following this latest development but anyway, games were already scheduled to take place behind closed doors in Spain. The move makes it almost certain that, next Tuesday at the Etihad, Manchester City’s Champions League round-of-16 second-leg clash against Real Madrid will be postponed.

rm vs man city postponed

Earlier, Real Madrid said in a statement:

Real Madrid reports that a player from our first basketball team has tested positive after testing for the COVID-19 coronavirus.”

The statement also read that since one of the basketball players is diagnosed with the coronavirus symptoms, the club will be quarantining both the basketball first team and football first team. This has come as an alternative as both the first team squads share the facilities in the Spanish capital.

Since then, the recommendation has been made to quarantine both the basketball first team and the football first team, given that the two squads share facilities in Madrid.

“Likewise, it has been decided to close the facilities of our sports city and it is also recommended that all Real Madrid personnel who provide their services in Real Madrid City remain in quarantine.”

With the virus gripping all over the world, is it the time to abandon the games and suspend the season? Should all the clubs across Europe come in solidarity for calling of the elite competitions for the betterment of the things? Or the league should continue behind the closed doors? Comment your opinions below.