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Highest Totals in IPL

Highest Team Totals in IPL History

When it comes to T20 cricket, there is no safe target. Chasing 9 or 10 runs per over is a regular sight in the IPL, where even 200+ score was easily chased by the IPL franchises. The role of bowlers has shrunk to mere bowling machines used to slog over the head.

The average score of every IPL match is 160+, which also includes robust quality wickets offering swing and seam, other than there are only bowler’s graveyards amid the cricket stadium.

Who can forget the memorable match when CSK chased 240+ target against Kings XI Punjab in 2008. Here is a list of top 10 highest totals in the history of IPL:

Team Score Overs RR Inns Opposition Ground Match Date
RCB 263/5 20 13.15 1 v Warriors Bengaluru 23-Apr-13
RCB 248/3 20 12.4 1 v Guj Lions Bengaluru 14-May-16
Super Kings 246/5 20 12.3 1 v Royals Chennai 03-Apr-10
KKR 245/6 20 12.25 1 v Kings XI Indore 12-May-18
Super Kings 240/5 20 12 1 v Kings XI Mohali 19-Apr-08
RCB 235/1 20 11.75 1 v Mum Indians Mumbai 10-May-15
Kings XI 232/2 20 11.6 1 v RCB Dharamsala 17-May-11
KKR 232/2 20 11.6 1 v Mum Indians Kolkata 28-Apr-19
Daredevils 231/4 20 11.55 1 v Kings XI Delhi 23-Apr-11
Kings XI 231/4 20 11.55 1 v Super Kings Cuttack 07-May-14

*Last Updated 17 December, 2019

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