I have never felt that I should leave RCB just because I haven’t won IPL title:  Virat Kohli

India captain and RCB skipper Virat Kohli who is playing for the Bangalore-based franchise right from its inception of IPL will be looking to win the maiden title of the cash-rich league this year.

As the franchise has two of the most destructive batsman including the likes of De Villiers and Kohli playing for them over the years but what seems surprising that they are still not able to lift the title of IPL till date despite finishing runner up in 2016 against SRH.

Kohli has been leading the side since 2013 and he is emotional about the franchise and said on numerous occasions in the past that he didn’t want to play for any other franchise till the time he is playing IPL.

Ahead of IPL 2021 he was interacting in an interview where he talked about variety of things related to RCB right from the fans supporting the franchise despite they have not won any title till date . He further stressed on the fact that he is not thinking about playing for any other franchise just because he hasn’t won IPL with the Bangalore based franchise till date in detail.

“There are a couple of other teams who have great fan bases but I think we are a team who get a lot of support and adulation wherever we play because we play a certain brand of cricket. We will play our heart out, we might not be composed enough in many difficult situations in the past but there has never been a shortage of passion, commitment, intensity,” Virat Kohli said in a video uploaded on RCB’s Twitter handle.

He also talked about his bond with RCB management over the years as neither he has forced the management to keep him nor the management has any pressure of retaining him every time in the auction.

“A lot of fun on the field and I as an individual have never felt that I wanna move away from the system just because I haven’t won a title. That happens because things have been so organic, this cannot be created anywhere. This cannot be manufactured in a way that people are forcing me to play, and I am forcing the management to keep me, there has never been a conversation like that.

“So, things have been very organic. The respect, the care, and the enjoyment I feel here, I don’t think I can recreate anywhere else. The experience has been magical,” Virat Kohli concluded.